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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Fivemega FM85 (SOLD) and Black Bear Borealis 1050 (SOLD)

    Greetings CPF Members, I am parting the last few incandescent flashlights I have left in my storage. First up for sale is my FM85 flashlight by Fivemega. For Sale: FM85 It was one of my first custom light that I bought, therefore I had a bit of trouble with it. I opened the head to align the...
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    Anyone looking for L2P host in natural finish?

    I've been waiting to get a natural L2P host for cheap and now my wish has finally come true and I would like to spread the news. Lighthound is now selling them for $19.99. Better get one or two because they go by fast. I'm glad that I waited instead of buying one from ebay for $30.
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    Mounting emitter heatsink base to flashlight for proper heatsinking

    Hello, I've been searching for quite a while trying to find a solution to my problem, but I'm not too sure what I'm searching for. My problem is the base that the emitter is sitting on does not properly sit with my Jetbeam Raptor for proper heatsinking. I know for proper heatsinking, experience...
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    Solarforce L2P & Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5 5C Problem

    Hi everyone, I just ordered a L2P from itc_shop on ebay, and a Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5-5C from So, I do not have another drop-in to test. The drop-in only works with a single 18650. It has 3 ouputs, 100% 50% and 5%. The light would only turn on with the outer spring. I have...
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    Camping in Yosemite, help on buying lights for 5 other persons.

    Greetings CPFers, Before we start talking about what kind of lights, let me narrow it down. I already have a good range of decent, powerful, semi-portable lights (M6+bi-pin adapter, FM85, Mag85, etc) that I will carry in case of emergency. Since we will be hiking a lot, everyone wants a light...
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    Anyone tried this on a reflector?

    It's funny how these things come up, but anyhow have any members tried making a reflector that's half smooth and half OP? Or any other combination. I'm curious with how light would bounce off of them. Let me know your thoughts on it. Steven
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    Size comparison: 18650 and 17670

    Hi CPF members, Could anyone kindly post size comparison shots of AW's 18650 and 17670 batteries? And if anyone knows their diameter, that would be great too. Thank you for your time. -Steven
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    Wrong section. Sorry.

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy this flashlight as a gift for my friend who's getting marry soon but I don't know what 18650P batteries fit it. Jet Pro-III IBS (link) I want to get the AW 18650 batteries for this light but I don't know if they will fit. Any help is appreciated.
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    MN15 with Surefire M6

    I read posts about this and it seems like you do not need any modifications to your M6 for the MN15 to work. All you need is MN20 with 6 CR123s and the MN15 and you get 2+hrs of runtime. Can anyone verify this? Thank you.
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    Help, no 12.6V on my Tenergy li-ion charger

    I just ordered a li-ion charger from Batteryjunction. link Note: I got the grey charger, I am not sure why they show a picture of a black charger. I want to use it to charge my 3-cell Li-ion batteries but I don't see the 12.6V on the voltage selector. I only see 14.4V, 10.8V, 7.2V and 3.6V...
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    Help! Borealis flashlight switch broken

    Hi everyone, I need urgent help as my Borealis 1050 flashlight switch is broken--the end broke off so I can't press the switch anymore. Does anyone know how to change the switch for another one? It seems like the wires are solder onto the switch itself and I cannot take it out. Anyone help is...
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    Frist Borealis 1050 with Maglite 3D LED Digital Camo Host [Picture Intensive]

    I'm not sure how long they've been out but I visited my local Fry's Electronics store and saw this Maglite 3D LED Camo flashlight (dessert). They also offered the 2 AA MiniMag and 3AA Maglites with camo, though I did not see the price. It was really nice and I wanted to get it so I can change...
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    Bulbs tested with M6 + AW 3x17670P + FM holder | title changed

    Hi everyone, Here's an update to my thread and hopefully it'll be useful to someone. Here's my setup: M6 3x AW 17670 protected batteries from Lighthound 3x AW 17670 protected from AW Fivemega's 3x17670 holder Pila 4-stage charger WF-139 charger MN61 HO-M6R HO-M4AList of tested bulbs. EO-M3T...
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    AE Xenide 25W or Dipper II 24W?

    Hello everyone, I've seen reviews of the Xenide 25W but not the Dipper II 24W. I'm planning on buying one of these but I just need some input as to which one I should get. Other questions are, how long would the typical ballast last before it needs to be replaced? Any other parts in a HID...
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    Sold/Expired Looking for someone to mod my MagCharger.

    Hello, I'm looking for someone that can mod my MagCharger. Since I'm going to use it for camping, I need decent runtime, probably one hour per charge. Yet brighter than the standard bulb. Suggestions are welcome. Please post or PM me about this and if you have other suggestions please let me...
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    Need Advice/Suggestions for Malkoff Quad Drop in for Maglite

    Hello, My name's Steven and this is my first post in the forums. I'm still new to flashlight mods and upgrades and hope to learn and turn it into a hobby. Well let's get straight to the point, I'm willing to spend around $300 bucks for an LED upgrade. I just bought a MagCharger and thought...