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    Sold/Expired WTB - Surefire 628 - HK MP5 Handguard

    Hello, I'm looking for an old Surefire 628 handguard with momentary and ON / OFF buttons: I could evaluate the handguard only, without the light module. SHIP TO ITALY - NO USA SELLERS
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    Sold/Expired WTB: OLD SCHOOL SUREFIRE REMOTE SWITCHES (On Off - Momentary)

    Want to buy Surefire ON OFF remote switch Paypal ready
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    Helmet flashlight - Surefire alternatives

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for an helmet flashlight, for military use. I would to evaluate alternative to Surefire. what do you suggest? thank you
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    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a good pouch for my survival kit and emergency flashlight (Surefire 6P). I prefer a belt attachment. What do you suggest?