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  1. Manzerick

    Photoshop help needed!

    Hey Gang - I had a funny that I was hoping someone could please help with. I was crowned "The Prince of Foxboro" after the Pats got KILLED by the Ravens last week.. and need a pic to prove it!! Would someone be so kind as to please photo shop the guy on the right(Me) into a pic with the...
  2. Manzerick

    Flashlight Ghouls!! ~Pump House Style~

    Hey Now! I believe I have a live flashlight Ghoul that lives in my house. From time to time, assorted torches will disappear....and reappear.. No.. not in the truest visual sense but I had the below occur with my EDC E1B.. I will summerize to keep bordom to a minimum lol: 1) Lost...
  3. Manzerick

    LED Spot light that plugs into Auto Cigarette Lighter ~question~

    hey Folks - I was driving home the other night and had an idea which lead to this question: Does anyone know if it's possible (or has anyone done it?) to run a custom handheld flashlight/spot light from the auto cigarette lighter spot? I figure this makes battery selection WAY easier (no...
  4. Manzerick

    E1B man Saves the mortals!!! (ok, not exactly lol)

    This weekend I was able to let my flashohlic ways “shine” to some unenlightened :) Last Saturday my lady and I went to Nightmare New England ( for a good time of ghouls, ghosts and fun. Of course I had my trusty E1B (E1B man ALWAYS needs his ‘saber) with...
  5. Manzerick

    Best LED upgrade for Q3?

    Hey Folks - I'm getting adventurous again and will try to mod the Q3 once again LOL This time, i will not: 1) burn out the LED 2) Solder like a rabid 3 year old 3) Actually make it work for more than 20 seconds (see #1 lol) My question would be: Which LED would work best with the Q3...
  6. Manzerick

    Lumapower M1 ~Strange Problem~

    Hey Folks - I'm having a weird issue that is bugging me with my M1 rebel. It is not life or death but does require some tinkering to get it to work sometimes. Basically, it goes like this: I tighten the M1 bezel and it doesn’t turn on. I loosen it half a turn and it works. It does not seem to...
  7. Manzerick

    Mag85 Battery suggestions please

    Hey Folks - I'm tinkering with my Mag85 again and was looking for some advice. I have a Mag85 setup that use to use a FiveMega carrier(sold it) and I have a crazy set-up with Pila's which runs another (can't think of the WA # right now) Anyway... I'm looking to increase runtime in the mag85...
  8. Manzerick

    Sold/Expired FS: Fivemega 9AA-3D (Eneloop Batteries included!!!)***SOLD!!!!***

    Hey Folks, I have for sale a Fivemega 9AA-3D battery holder with Eneloops (only a few cycles through each) With the batteries, the opening price is to sell this one for $45 shipped in the CONUS. I would like to stick with Paypal for this sale. Please PM me with any questions you may have...
  9. Manzerick

    What's fair is fair? not with college :(

    Hey Folks, Just kinda have to vent here. I just received an MBA on 10/20/07. When finished, my student loan was requested to be paid less than 2 weeks after I finished. Not a big deal, but I thought I had 6 month.. not a problem. Now, here's where the fun begins. I received a call from...
  10. Manzerick

    Mag 3C with 3 x 150A's... Suggestions needed

    Hey Folks, I have a modded Mag with the following: WA1318 bulb heavy stippled reflector UCL lens and Running on 3 x Pila 150A batteries I have MANY hours on the WA1318 which was used when I got it. Is I imagine, it iwll probably be :poof: soon. Any suggestion on other bulbs that will work...
  11. Manzerick

    U2 and Rebel (or any others?)

    Hey Folks, Awhile back it was noted that the LED of our friend the U2 really could not be swapped. Although possible, it was difficult and the results were less than steller. Now that the rebel is here, is the U2 upgrade becoming more feasible? Many thanks!! Ken
  12. Manzerick

    Me and my L4... hanging out

    I love to shoot with my L4 as it is awesome for close range shooting (ignore the full light lol). The McGizmo tailcap makes is wicked easy to shoot with. If you are a shooter, what is your favorite torch to practice/shoot with? :)
  13. Manzerick

    Go Maet!!!

    I just nearly died laughing when I saw the "GO MAET!!!" logo in the CPFM!!! You guys are crazy!!!!!! :crazy: HAHAHAHA :lolsign: That is all. :)
  14. Manzerick

    Sold/Expired WTB: WA-1318 bulbs or something simular

    hey Folks, I have the below Mag with an WA-1318 in it and love it. If possible, I would like to buy the samem bulb unless a better option existis... here is the link: Thank You in advance!!!
  15. Manzerick

    Sold/Expired WTB: 3 x 18650 Leef body for Surfire M series

    hey Folks, I was hoping someone could please help me find a 3 x 18650 body for my M4. Many thanx!!! :)
  16. Manzerick

    M4 with 3 x 18650's???

    hey Folks, I'm not very good with batteries yet and need to get some expert opinions :) I have the Surefire M4 with 2 A19 extenders to hold 3 x Pila 600s's. I do have access to a CNC now and would be able to get it turned to accept the 18650 (thanks for the idea Milky!!) and was...
  17. Manzerick

    Q-3 mod: Is it me or the SSC star?

    Hey Folks, Still plugging away at getting my Q-3 emitter swap to work and had another set back today. I took out the star I had in there and replaced it with a SSC one from DX. I tied it out and... LET THERE BE LIGHT SWEET JESUS!!!! After about 10 seconds... Blue-ish.... then more...
  18. Manzerick

    KeyChain (literal chain)

    Hey Folks, My keys (and crap on my keychain) seem to be out of control! Last night I did remove some and left the bare needs but... I believe the "rings" are not what i need. I remember once seeing a keychain "Chain" somewhere on here or and can't locate it. Below is the...
  19. Manzerick

    What did the EDC forumms cost you when CPF was down?

    Hey Folks, Like many of you, I was surfing the EDC forums while we were out of service. (A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE EDC FORUMS!!) Now for the question: What did it cost you? Did anyone find item(s) to purchase while the torch bug was suppressed? Below is the list of stuff that I got...
  20. Manzerick

    LumaPower M1 SSC upgrade?

    hey Folks, On the LumaPower website it mentions there is an upgraded Module for the M1 that uses an SSC emitter. Has anyone seent his yet? if so, price? Any advantage over the Cree? Thoughts? :) Many Thanks!