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  1. egginator1

    Sold/Expired Photon Fanatics TKO - WITHDRAWN

    Priorities change and after a great deal of agonizing thought, I have decided to let go of one of the most prized lights in my entire collection. The Photon Fanatics TKO! Truly a remarkable, ONE OF A KIND, piece of machining and piece of art. The attention to detail is phenomenal. The squares...
  2. egginator1

    Sold/Expired SOLD Tain Damascus Aura

    Up for grabs is a Tain Damascus Aura - Cree XPL-V2. - First I'll Take it gets it. Alternating green and yellow trits in the tail and button. Never carried and has enjoyed the pampered life of a well deserved shelf queen! I reserve the right to sell to whomever... $725 CONUS ONLY -SOLD PayPal...
  3. egginator1

    Sold/Expired WTS: Tain-a-palooza Sale - Last Price Drop

    For sale are several Tain Ti masterpieces (# 7 is a special alloy), all are in excellent like new condition. Just taking my collection in a different direction and thought that these could use a new home! First one to post the light # and "I'll take it" gets it. PayPal Goods and services only...
  4. egginator1

    Show your PhotonFanatics!

    From the top: Ti Mondrian Ti indigo Flow Chad Nichols Mosaic Damascus "Blue Boy" Ti TKO Chad Nichols Damascus Custom Chad Nichols Damascus Rocket Ship Chad Nichols Damascus Blocky Boy Right Side: Mokume Gane Kuku Killer Brass Luce De Note Task lite II
  5. egginator1

    Sold/Expired SOLD : Firefly 2.0

    For sale is a Firefly 2.0 with the Nichia 219. Has 6 ice blue trits installed and includes the SS rods should you choose to use them instead. I am the original buyer and the light has never been carried. An excellent torch. A whole lot more information is available on Kickstarter at the link...
  6. egginator1

    Sold/Expired SOLD McGizmo Haiku

    McGizmo Haiku XPG2 3S 1x123 - Never carried and purchased straight from Don. I'm narrowing my collection a bit and thought someone else could use this terrific light. $400 SOLD CONUS PayPal shipped and insured. First "I'll take it" gets it. Paypal - [email protected]
  7. egginator1

    Sold/Expired SOLD - McGizmo Sundrop and Sapphire GS -

    I'm letting go of a couple duplicate lights that someone else should be able to enjoy. The McGizmo Sundrop...I'm going to plagiarize the original post and sell it for what I paid for it - Really a great little light: $340 - SOLD McGizmo Sundrop with AA/14500 Pak Nichia 119 emitter (not...
  8. egginator1

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN - Veleno Helix Zirconium

    SOLD - Veleno Helix Zirconium Up for sale is one of my favorite little lights...the Veleno Helix Zi. Like new and never carried. 10180 battery with 6 alternating white and purple trits. $400 SOLD CONUS Paypal shipped and insured. First "I'll take it" gets it. I reserve the right to sell to...
  9. egginator1

    Sold/Expired SOLD Prometheus Alpha Blue Label

    Up for sale is a Prometheus Alpha Blue Label #267 light made by the man himself. I hate to let it go but I have more than one and thought someone else should have the joy of owning one. The Alphas have one of the very best beams out there (IMHO). Jason stopped making the (made by him) Blue Label...
  10. egginator1

    Sold/Expired WTS McGizmo Makai 2x123 - SOLD

    Up for grabs is my McGizmo Makai 6V 2x123. Perfect shape, not sure of the emitter as I didn't get it direct from Don. Just looking to get out of it what I have in it. $450 -SOLD CONUS PP shipped and Insured I reserve the right to sell to whomever, first "I'll take it" - Gets it First time...
  11. egginator1

    Cheers to Luxlunatic

    I want to send out a cheers to Luxlunatic (Michael) for being such a decent and honorable person. I bought a Tain Ottovino from him and I screwed it up by putting the battery in backwards (Michael kicked himself for not including this vital piece of info)and the light was toast. He then emailed...
  12. egginator1

    Sold/Expired WTB-Promethius Alpha Copper Bespoke

    Like it says, I'm looking for a Promethius Alpha Copper Bespoke light. I know there aren't many out there but I would like to add one to my collection.....