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  1. daBear

    Best Incan Bulb for 9 volt applicaiton

    I have a old 1185 in a Mag 3D and some new batteries. These are D cell Li-Ion and are rated a 3 volts not 3.6. What is a good incan bulb for a 9 volt operation? Thanks
  2. daBear

    2 Part Epoxy

    Now another off the wall question. After it dries is ordinary Loctite 2 part epoxy electrically conductive?? Probably not going to admit why I need to know.
  3. daBear

    Removal of Anodizing?

    I need to remove the factory red anodizing on a Mag tail cap down to the bare aluminum. What is the best way to do this?? Thanks.
  4. daBear

    Hotwire Problem

    I have a tri bore Mag 85 which uses 9 LiIon 17500 cells in 3 separate FM holders. It has an AWR HD hotdriver of course with a low resistance KIU socket. My problem is the light will not come on unless you actually click it on then work the tail cap back and forth a couple of turns. Then it will...
  5. daBear

    AWR Hotdriver

    What would cause a Mag138 with fully charged cells and otherwise in fine condition to come on when you click but only remain on for a second then go off. Every time I click the switch it comes on then almost immediately it goes off. Blown FET? Since AWR has been excommunicated is there any...
  6. daBear

    Need 12 AA Battery Holder

    I have a FM battery holder for 12 NiMh 1.2 volt batteries in series which has crumbled where the positive post connects to the base. I need another or spare parts and FM does not have either. Does anyone have a suggestion of a battery holder for a 3D Mag which has 4 channel bores and is used to...
  7. daBear

    Load Test Batteries?

    What is the simplest way to load test NiMh and Li-Ion batteries to see if they are defective or not. I have a couple of FM battery holders used in 3D mag conversions that are simply not getting the run time they are supposed to before the hotdriver cuts off.
  8. daBear

    Channel Boring Mag Host

    Does anyone on this forum custom bore Mag Host with 3 or 4 channels like Fivemega sells for his lights? I do not know what type of machine does this but it must be expensive because no one offers the service that I can find. I have several mag host which are not bored that I need to have this...
  9. daBear

    Battery Holder for IB1400 Cells??

    I have seen pictures on this forum with multiple IB1400 2/3A cells. Some of these were up to 18 cells I believe. Can anyone tell me what you are using for a battery pack to hold these together?? Does not look like the standard FM or Modamag batt holders. Thanks, daBear
  10. daBear

    100w Need Advice

    I have enough Mag85's and need some advice on what bulb and setup to use when making a 100w cannon using a Mag 3D host. I have recently purchased a 12AA/3D holder from 5M and that is as far as I have gotten. I know I need a 3 or 4 channel bored body, and one of AWR's heavy duty hotdrivers...
  11. daBear

    Not Another Mag85 - Help

    Alright I need some advice with a pleasant dilemma. I have a 3D Mag, 9x14500 cells in a FM holder and a bi pin mount. Mag is unbored. Of course the voltage is 10.8v nominal, but hot off the charger it is over 12.5v. I got tired of blowing up 1185 bulbs with this light and put a 1166 in there...
  12. daBear

    Battery Magnets

    Where can you buy the small earth magnets used as contacts with batteries such as CBP 1650's? Thanks
  13. daBear

    Which Charger Will Do This?

    I need advice on which battery charger to buy to handle these situations: - 9AA NiMH cells in FM’s 9AA/3D holder. - 3x17500 Li-Ion cells (Protected) in FM’s 3 cell parallel holder. - Other combinations of numbers of AA NiMH cells can be put into aftermarket...
  14. daBear

    Flashlight in Baggage on an Aircraft?

    I am about to fly to Salem, Oregon from Mississippi tomorrow. If I carry my Mag85 in my baggage rather than hand carried will security grab it because it looks funny on an X-ray?? That is three rows of 17500's in FM holders. I would hate to have to whip someone for stealing my light. Last time I...
  15. daBear

    Soldering Magnets

    I have a Mag85 using 9 17500 cells in 3 adapters from fivemega. To get AW's cells to work correctly you must use the magnets he sends with the cells. Can you solder them to the top of 100's without harming the battery?? Or is there a better way to fasten the magnets down?? Moderators - Maybe...
  16. daBear

    Measuring Amperage??

    Alwright I have just got to ask. How do you properly measure amperage draw of lights (incan or led) on the battery pack? The meter has got to be in series in the circuit (I think) and the only way I can figure to do it would be with the tail cap off and the meter completing the gound circuit...
  17. daBear

    KIU Socket

    Will the KIU bi pin bulb socket setup ever be offered again? :awman: :poke:
  18. daBear

    Suggestion for my new - old M*g85

    I am defecting from the Led modding for a while and have built my first m*g85. I had a 20 year old 3D mag laying around which had previously been left to rot. Several years ago I found the light which had been left with leaking cells in it and it was a real mess. I pried the cells out and soaked...
  19. daBear

    Another Glow Powder Question

    The previous thread was getting long so I started another to ask a specific quesiton. I have three M*g mods which are Tri-Lux and Quad-Lux lights. Some one uses stars and the other two use emitters. I want to coat the inside of the head below the lens and the heatsink with glow powder after I...
  20. daBear

    AA LR6????

    While collecting AA non rechargeable batteries for Christmas toys my wife called and asked what an AA LR6 battery is. After a little research on the web I have concluded it is a normal AA Alkaline battery, but I have no idea what the LR6 is. Plus I can't find any information explaining it on the...