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    SS2011 - SureFire 'new products' thread

    We'll try to keep all SHOT Show 2011 (SS2011) new product discussion concentrated to flashlight brand-specific threads.
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    Surefire’s 2010 New Lights Discussion

    This thread follows SureFire's 2009 New Lights Discussion part 2
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    I guess people don't notice?

    I guess people don\'t notice? I guess people don't notice when SureFire updates it's website?
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    SILVA Headlamp L1 - The Brightest Headlamp??

    One of my friends is really into caving and such things and asked me whether Silva's claim is true. I'm ashamed to say I have no idea. So is it true, or are there brighter LED headlamps? Thanks in advance! Al
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    What flashlight does Dirk Pitt use in Sahara?

    What flashlight does Dirk Pitt use in Sahara? ...when he's looking at the cave paintings... Thanks! Al
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    Jean Michel Jarre's AERO

    Jean Michel Jarre\'s AERO For Christmas I purchased Jean Michel Jarre's AERO DVD + CD for £9.99. I sat down in the middle of the lounge, turned off all the lights and set it playing in DTS 5.1 Oh My God! Everyone with a system capable of playing DTS needs to experience this DVD! Has anybody...
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    The L1-PRT-DB917 got me into trouble last night.

    The L1-PRT-DB917 got me into trouble last night. background: Marketing Manager Leaving Do. Group of drunks (myself included) finish up after a great indian meal in a nightclub. Marketing Manager is dancing like a crazy man on stage with the housemate of his Assistant who is dressed to...
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    Can anybody translate an article on pk-e please?

    Hi There's there article that PK's posted on his site but it's not in a language I can understand. Can anybody help please? TIA Al ( )
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    Movie - "Day after Tomorrow" - SureFires used

    Movie - \"Day after Tomorrow\" - SureFires used Mostly M6's and M4's - used like "normal" flashlights. A couple Maxabeams too. I have a few M6's and none of them have click switches like the one in the movie. I will have to talk to PK about this... Al
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    Purple LEDs - What are my options?

    Hi I currently have a PhotonII purple LED. I like PhotonII's and a really like purple LED's but as I use it a lot and the batteries appears to have drained faster than other Photons I've got, I'd like to know: 1) Do purple LEDs eat batteries faster than other colours? 2) Are there any other...
  11. Size15's The new PK site has become a gathering place for many of PK's Flashaholic friends. The galleries contain photos relating to PK and some will include photos of SureFire products. We hope you enjoy the collections of photos. They will grow in time I'm sure! Best...
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    The BlackHawk M6 Pouch

    Hi This thread is to discuss the BlackHawk M6 Pouch. What I'd like to know is: Who has one and what do you use it for? Where did you get it, and do you know of any Dealers with stock? Are there alternatives? Do people use them? I currently have one M6 Pouch. It fits the M6, the TigerLight...
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    Blue Photon with Blue LED?

    I was leaving the chip shop (fish 'n' chips) last night and a young lady was using a blue LED to find her car door lock in the dark. Realising that I knew her from school (that's a long time ago now!) I walked over to say "Hi!". It turns out she was in a gadget shop and saw it; thought it looked...
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    Advice for a Brit in the Philippines please

    Hi Everybody! My boss has said that I am to go to the Philippines - Laguna (Los Baños). As Technical Expert from FIRA, I am being sent to the FPRDI to their small R&D lab to show them how to test furniture, write the reports and consult on issues they have for about two - three weeks. I'm...
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    Any user criticisms of the A2/L1 switch?

    JohnK wrote: "I have heard many critisisms of the Surefire A2 system as well, with the clickie/twistie complex stuff." JohnK, Please can you show me these criticisms? I'm not aware of these criticisms and as I have an A2, I'm having a hard time understanding why many people would say the...
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    SureFire WeaponLights on BBC1 News

    The SureFire Millennium Universal WeaponLights were used by US Marines to search underground complexes reported BBC News at 10pm tonight (14/04/03) - There was a superb shot of one which I'm about to see if the BBC have put online. Al
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    The new KL1 Bezel - A couple of Photos

    I'm posting these to return the favour for photos of mine being posted here. Also, because I think this new design is a practical refinement - SureFire listening to the feedback it gets. Al
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    This I've gotta see!

    This I\'ve gotta see! Peak output 50 Lumens from one "3v Lithium Battery" They better have these at SS2003... Al
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    This afternoon we had a little snow...

    This afternoon we had a little snow. I got home from work about 2330(ish) I think. One of the girls at work left at 1700, took two hours to drive to where I could walk to in 10-15 minutes and then dumped her car and walked back to work. I, having more reports to write then I care to think about...
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    M3 lamp life

    25+ hours is the unofficial standard answer I believe. Al