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  1. Malpaso

    Sea Elite 1500 question

    A fellow diver was at the LDS last night with this light - Since we're always looking for the best bang for the buck, it looks like an inexpensive upgrade to this light, which many of us have -...
  2. Malpaso

    Plastic or aluminum body?

    I've been looking at possibly getting the DRIS 1000 lumen light. I tried my buddy's and it seemed very heavy compared to the plastic bodied ones I've tried. The last thing I want to do is drag more weight around. Is one better than the other for any reason(s)?
  3. Malpaso

    Best bulb for a real old 5D

    I have a 5D maglite that I just resurrected. If my memory serves me, I bought it in the early 80s. It was beat inside and out, and I just cleaned it up, repainted it, and plan to keep it in my truck as a backup light, and a little bit of personal protection. It works fine, and the stock bulb...
  4. Malpaso

    SCUBA cap for lithium glo-toob?

    Does anyone know if there is a SCUBA cap available for the lithium Glo-Toob? I purchased this because the description did not specify that it fit only certain models, and it does not fit the lithium model. I have not gotten a response from Glo-Toob...
  5. Malpaso

    Stock dive light recommendations

    Not sure at this point, haven't even gotten certified. Just advance fact finding, as I am with all potential gear purchases. I have no problem spending to buy quality gear, as long as it is appropriate for my use. I guess I'll wait until I get certified and have more specifics to ask. Maybe...
  6. Malpaso

    Stock dive light recommendations

    Going to be taking the OWD course in a couple weeks, which will allow me to buy new toys, so of course I had to come looking through CPF. From reading through here, it looks like most of you build/mod your own dive lights. What would be a good stock dive light for a beginner? I recently bought a...
  7. Malpaso

    OMS K2 or Saint Minimus?

    I pulled the trigger on the Saint. The two things you guys mentioned, the adjustable light level and differences in beam are important. Also, Battery Junction had free batts and free shipping making the difference in price more palatable.
  8. Malpaso

    OMS K2 or Saint Minimus?

    I've been in the market for an LED headlamp that uses 123As. I was just about to order the OMS K2 here when I got the email from Surefire today on the Saint Minimus. Now I'm not up to date on the technology...
  9. Malpaso

    Can anyone recommend an A/C Nano charger?

    I recently purchased my first ipod, a 3rd generation Nano, and since I'll be traveling soon I thought about getting an A/C charger. There are so many knockoffs out there, and many pro and con reviews, I was wondering if anyone here could recommend a dependable and inexpensive one, and where to...
  10. Malpaso

    Leatherman Skeletool

    REI now has the skeletool CX in stock. I just ordered one. I was able to use my member dividend and coupon, so I got it for a good price. I'll write up a review when it comes in.
  11. Malpaso

    Leatherman Skeletool

    Is Amazon shipping the CX or just the regular model?
  12. Malpaso

    Palm questions

    Just picked up a Palm T/X and the user manual is non-existant for all practical purposes. Is there a quick cheat sheet anywhere with instructions like, "to load an excel spreadsheet, do this. to load a music file, do this, etc."?
  13. Malpaso

    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    Here it is mounted on a SwitchMount from
  14. Malpaso

    Krill or Glo-toob?

    Yep, typo.
  15. Malpaso

    Krill or Glo-toob?

    What makes one better than the other? I've seen good reviews on both. I was leaning toward the Krill due to AA batteries (didn't want to add A23 to my stash) but now I hear Glo-toob is supposed to be coming out with an A123 model.
  16. Malpaso

    BOG 5W drop in question

    Their web site doesn't specify, does this work in a G2? Nevermind, I was looking in the CPF specials section. The main section lists the models it works in.
  17. Malpaso

    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    Thanks all, T4 it is. It will be my first Inova. I'll post some pics when I get it installed.
  18. Malpaso

    Rechargeable for my new Jeep

    Just picked up a new 4 door Jeep and am looking for a rechargeable flashlight to put in it. I'd love to find one that shuts off charging when it's full so it's not draining the battery if the Jeep sits for a long time. I see that some of the Pelicans have direct wiring options, which I like...
  19. Malpaso

    Anything wrong with non-OEM chargers for razr?

    I was looking for an extra AC charger (I have an inverter in my vehicle) for my razr, and found a lot of non-OEM ones for real cheap. Are they "buyer beware" and should I just spring for an OEM one? Who has the best deals on OEM ones?
  20. Malpaso

    Which camera lens for indoor sports

    Last Christmas, I got the g/f a Canon EOS Rebel XT. The lens that came with it is an 18-55mm. A good deal of the pictures she takes are of her daughter's indoor gymnastics meets and dance competitions. More often than not, the seats are pretty far from the action. She also takes outdoor stills...