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  1. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired FS: Various Aleph Parts (heads, bodies, tail caps, etc)

    I have not been on here in ages. Not in touch with the market of these items, so must go by memory on what I paid back in the day. Not looking to part anything out, so I'm selling this as a package. All these old school Sandwich Shoppe parts are all used. There is an Aleph 1, 2, 3, and 19...
  2. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTS: Aleph 1 Head Complete

  3. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTS: Icarus Built, Tri-Cree, Mag2D *pics*

    WTS: Icarus Built, Tri-Cree, Mag2D *pics* ***SALE PENDING*** - Tri-Bored FM 2D with finned head - Original Bezel and End Cap included - Ultra Clear Glass Lens 2mm - (3) Modified McR20 Reflectors - (3) Cree XR-E P4 WC stars - Modified PTS2-D Heatsink - bFlex set at 1A - Five Levels - Runs...
  4. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTS: ***SOLD*** EngrPaul Seoul-modded Ultrafire WF-606B (1xCR2/2xAA)

    It's in the same shape as I received it. Will accept 3.7v CR2's hot off the charger. $55-shipped. USPS money order or PayPal. If paying by PayPal, you pay your pal an additional 3.5%. Pictures:
  5. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTB: Crenellated Bezel for M*g ***FOUND, thanks David!!!***

    Please let me know what you long as it's not "gold" in color. Aloha!
  6. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTS: Fivemega Grooved 2C-HA / Aleph 2 HA-Nat / Vital Gear FB1 Body

    Fivemega 2C: 2C, grooved, hard anodized gunmetal (HA-Gun); Custom 2x18650 tube and o-ring; HA-Gun Extended tail cap; HA-Gun Factory tail cap; No bulb, stock reflector, and lens; and $95-shipped, $85-shipped CONUS. Aleph 2: HA-Nat, complete with o-rings, lens, reflector, and bezel ring...
  7. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired FS: Used McGizmo 27LT, UX1K, DBx2 Driver ***SOLD***

    As described here: This was a "user", as evidenced by the cosmetic imperfections. Other than that, it's in tip-top working order! :grin2: $145 - shipped. Will ship USPS Priority with delivery confirmation. International will be $6 US...
  8. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTB: Aleph, HA-Black, Trim Tail Cap (no switch necessary).

    Please PM or email me with what you have. Highly motivated. For reference (second from the left):
  9. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired Looking for someone to mod my 27LT to a 27LT-S

    If my work hours weren't so crazy I'd attempt this myself. :rant: Just need someone to swap out the LED for a Seoul. Have the modified reflector, but need a Seoul. Please email me a price quote... :grin2: Aloha! :wave:
  10. freeman4ever

    City tries to cut energy bills with [CREE] LEDs
  11. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTS: McGizmo HD45 (with Sapphire lens)

    Twisty two stage DBx2 150/750 (NO POLARITY PROTECTION) 45 mm reflector with concentrated spot and corona beams for extended reach on low and high levels Dual O-ring seal between head & body LuxIII UX1K 2xCR123 or 1x17650 Li-Ion or 1x18650 Li-Ion Includes original window and SAPPHIRE window (47mm...
  12. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired BA Aleph 3 Head (complete), BA TB 1x18650 Tube, BA Aleph Flat Tailcap *SOLD-shipped*

    Head has no light engine but is complete. Tranquility Base 1x18650 tube. FT Aleph Tailcap, no switch. Will not seperate. ***SOLD, and shipped***, USPS Priority with delivery confirmation.
  13. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired Fenix CR2 w/ Tritium, Surefire, Vital Gear

    Right to left: Fenix CR2 Tube with Tritium De-anodized on the top to allow for use of Fenix L1T and L2T two-stage switching. Three green tritium markers (you can only see one in the picture, but I assure you, there are three). $55-shipped $50-shipped, USPS Priority with delivery...
  14. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired Delete

  15. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired McLux PR-HA Nat, DB700, WWOS, and DSpeck UBH Kit ***TRADE PENDING***

    McLux PR-HA Nat, DB700, WWOS, and DSpeck UBH Kit Built by "Icarus." Downboy 700 converter. The following battery combinations WILL work:2xRCR123, 2x17650, 2x18500, 2x18650, 3xRCR123, 3xCR123, 3x17650, 3x18500, 3x18650, or 4xCR123. The following battery combinations WILL NOT work: 2xCR123...
  16. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired Delete

  17. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired [SOLD] WTS: Aleph A19 HA-Nat Head Kit [SOLD]

    As pictured here: This is for the head kit only (head, lens, reflector, and retaining ring), no light engine or any other parts. The head kit is surefire E-series and Aleph compatible. $60-shipped $SOLD to cqbdude, USPS Priority. Payment by PayPal (+3.5%) or USPS money order. Will contribute...
  18. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired [ALL SOLD] TranquilityBase Aleph/Surefire E-Series Compatible Tubes for Sale

    I've become a TranquilityBase tube-slut and need to let some of the collection go... (1) 3x123 Tube, HA, $60-shipped (2) 1x123 Kroll Switch Tubes, HA and Naked, with Kroll switches, $40/each-shipped Payment will be through PayPal (+3.5%) or USPS money order. Bank checks will take 10 days to...
  19. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired ***SPF*** IsaacHayes built Aleph true cyan LE, Wiz2, 700ma, LuxIII, “K”vf, ~485nm

    Pictured on the far right (nothing else pictured is for sale): CPF member, IsaacHayes built Aleph true cyan LE, Wiz2, 700ma, LuxIII, “K”vf, ~485nm, 3-6 volts max input: $85-shipped. Bad close up: Price includes USPS Priority shipping...
  20. freeman4ever

    Sold/Expired WTS: 3x123 Balrog Body ***SOLD***

    As pictured here (picture borrowed from Icarus :)): It's the one in the center. I just purchased a TranquilityBase 3x123 tube, so no longer need this one. $25-shipped ***SOLD*** CONUS (+Alaska...Hawaii would be cheaper, of course :)), USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation...