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    Favorite AA battery LED headlamp

    There is no PT2. Matrix 2. Yes, the luxeon puts out more light than the 5 mm LEDs in the Aurora.
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    AA or AAA for Headlights?

    Princeton Tec say Yukon HL is a hybrid. That is what the 'H' in 'HL' means.
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    AA or AAA for Headlights?

    I don't consider the Yukon HL to be a hybrid. Only LED/Incans are hybrids. The HL is all LEDs, even though they are 2 different types.
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    AA or AAA for Headlights?

    Lithium AAAs are due on store shelves for Holiday Season 2004, and the BD Moonlight was designed with this in mind.
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    Krill lamps?

    I have 2 Krills, one 360 white regular, and one 360 green extreme. These are great for marking hallways at night during a power outage. Even the dim white one does a good job at this. I may get some 180 green extremes and/or 180 white extremes in 2AA. They are not all that rugged, so you need...
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    Yukon HL runtime?

    Princeton Tec normally doesn't pad runtimes. The runtimes given on the Matrix (Module) are totally accurate. The problem is the definition of useful light. Unfortunately, this means different things to each manufacturer, and to each end user.
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    AA or AAA for Headlights?

    I also prefer AAs. Looks like the Yukon HL would meet your needs, and it can use Lithium AAs (winter, Cold, extended runtime).
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    Essential Gear LS Headlamp

    Finally! A 123A based Luxeon headlamp!!
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    What is/are the best general use headlamp(s)

    There is the Black Diamond Moonlight Pro, which can use NiMH, Alkaline, or Lithium AA. Uses 3 AA cells. Big brother to the Moonlight. I got mine from Eastern Mountain Sports. I like mine enough that I put all of my other headlamps away, except my Moonlight (hangs in my bedroom). I have yet to...
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    SL Argo (luxeon) Headlamp at Bright Guy

    I would not get it, because of its AAA power source.
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    Yukon HL vs. Matrix 2 vs. Zenix

    According to PT, there is. 12-15 hours for Matrix 2 and 44 hours for the Yukon HL (luxeon). 100+ hours for the 3x5mm LEDs in the HL.
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    Description say "Between Charges", so I would say sealed.
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    new use for headlamp

    The Matrix (Module) is regulated: 40 hours on alkaline and 100+ on Lithium AAs. It is not supposed to be a route finding light. Rather a see what you are doing and where you are walking light. the PT smooth reflector is nearly useless, unless you are lucky enough to have a bulb, where the...
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    LED light w/crank charges cell phones

    Nice article, and he sounds like a candidate for CPF membership.
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    Anyone own the Lightwave Headlamp?

    For what it is, it is bright enough. It is a bit heavy on the forehead, due to everything being on the forehead. That may simply be a case of my forehead being a bit more sensitive to pressure than most people. I would beware of using lithium AAs in this headlamp. I tried that and noticed the...
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    Z57 Survey and Complaints

    Mine works fine, even though the spring is crooked. Looks like we have a variety of experiences.
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    It Pains me to Say - Updated

    Re: It Pains me to Say Thank you for the clarification, Size15S. The one thing that would have made this even better, would have been a 'low' setting, that is 1/2 the rated 65 lumens. Particularly if it would have the added effect of extending the runtime. Canuke, with the clip the way it is...
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    It Pains me to Say - Updated

    Re: It Pains me to Say That does sound like an early release. Well, it does need to be gasketed. Better now, than after it gets way too soggy inside.
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    Headlamp for Fishing: PT Aurora, Energizer LED?!

    Re: Headlamp for Fishing: PT Aurora, Energizer LED Jon, Thanks! Something you folks over there at Petzl might want to think about, is figure out a way to mount a high dome 1 watt luxeon star in an E10 bulb base (like is used in the Zoom), with something like the Micropuck for regulation, and...
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    Headlamp for Fishing: PT Aurora, Energizer LED?!

    Re: Headlamp for Fishing: PT Aurora, Energizer LED The PT Matrix (Matrix Module) is regulated and runs on 2 AAs. 40 hours constant level for alkalines, and 100 hours constant level for lithium AAs. I have a Matrix Module in my PT Solo.