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  1. ike1985

    Consensus most powerful rechargeable 18350?

    In terms of performance, maxing out the potential of the light.
  2. ike1985

    Consensus most powerful rechargeable 18350?

    What is the consensus most powerful 18350 rechargeable battery?
  3. ike1985

    Xtar VP2 Solarcharge 18650 with Powerfilm 10 watt

    So I'm just going to plug my xtar into my 10 watt powerfilm and see what happens. I figure it should be able to at least run the xtar at .25.
  4. ike1985

    How often to use stored 18650's

    So I now have enough 18650s that some of them may be sitting for months without use. I have 5 sony VTC 5's. I usually deplete and recharge my vtc 5 every 2 weeks, therefore some of these batteries could be sitting for 10 weeks. Should I take them down to 3.6V and store them in the fridge...
  5. ike1985

    Found Sony VTC5's @ 11.99 each after code They have a good reputation among vapers, I think they are authentic. code: n4n0teh
  6. ike1985

    Xtar VP2 Solarcharge 18650 with Powerfilm 10 watt

    The xtar Vp2 came with a cigarette lighter plug that i can plug into my powerfilm 20 watt adapter. In peak sun the 10watt panel can output approx 15v/10watts. Could I hook my xtar vp2 up to it and charge up my pan 3400mah 3.6v or sony vtc5's? What if i daisy chained another 10watt, would that...
  7. ike1985

    Protected 18650 that fits sunwayman c21cvn

    My olight 3400mah 3.6v 18650s do not fit the sunwayman c21cvn. This will be my wife's edc, I don't want her carrying unprotected cells because she knows nothing about 18650's. Can someone recommend some high quality protected 18650's that will fit this light?
  8. ike1985

    Am I using this multimeter correctly? Also question about battery

    Got a new Klein m100 ranging dmm at homedepot, you can see my settings in the attached image below. Currently I am getting approx 3.6v readings from my sony vtc5 2600mah and 2x olight 3400mah. This makes sense since I"ve just used them for the first time...
  9. ike1985

    How often do you recharge your 18650?

    How often do you use your EDC 18650 light and how often do you recharge the battery? The 18650 has higher capacity than an AA but also has a cut off (assuming your light has a cut off) in which the voltage drops below a certain point and the battery must be recharged in order to avoid harming...
  10. ike1985

    When New Batteirs Arrive & Voltage Testing with VP2

    Hey everybody, I intend to use my Xtar VP2 to test the voltage of some new 18650's i ordered. Will it tell me the voltage if I pop them into it when they arrive? this will be the first time i've used it. do manufacturers of 18650's typically ship the batteries full or half full? Should they...
  11. ike1985

    Need 18650 Charger, Batteries, Tester

    dupliicate thread, delete.