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    Sold/Expired Milkyspit U2se ‘Snake Eyes’ - Price Drop

    Up for sale today is a light I’m torn to part with, but I just find I haven’t used. I received this light directly from the ‘Milkyspit Labs’, a few years back (I don’t know the exact year). This light is one of the famous Milkyspit ‘Snake Eyes’ builds - U2se. The platform is the Surefire...
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    Sold/Expired Sold - Fenix LD30

    Up for sale today is my Fenix LD30. I purchased this about a month ago, and ended up liking it so much I had one modded with a more neutral emitter, so I’m letting this one (unmodded) go. This is a great little light, well designed and easy to carry. The LD30 has a whopping 1600 lumens with...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff M61N Drop In

    Up for sale is my recently purchased Malkoff Devices M61N drop in. I purchased two of these planning to put this in a Surefire host I have, but I ended up with a M61NL in that light. The other rides in my MD2. This drop-in is the most current version and only has about 5 minutes run-time on it...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff M61 219B V3 Drop In

    Up for sale is my recently purchased Malkoff Devices M61 219B V3 drop in. I purchased this a few weeks back from Illumn. This drop-in is the most current version and only has about 5 minutes run-time on it. I decided to stay with my M61N. This is the P60 style drop-in to fit the MD series...
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    Sold/Expired Sold - Malkoff M91BW Drop-In

    Up for sale is my recently purchased Malkoff Devices M91BW drop in. I purchased this, then was lucky enough to pick up a neutral version. This drop-in is the most current version and only has about 20 minutes run-time on it. This is the P90 style drop-in to fit the MD series lights, various...
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    Sold/Expired Found - Malkoff M91BN

    I know it’s a long shot, but maybe one of you lucky guys from the group buy want to get rid of one. I would prefer 4000K. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff Devices M61W Drop-In

    Up for sale is my recently purchased Malkoff Devices M61W drop in. I purchased both the neutral and warm versions and decided to stick with the neutral one. This drop-in is the most current version and only has a handful of minutes run-time on it. This is the P60 style drop-in to fit the MD...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Ra Clicky

    Up for sale today is my Ra Clicky. This wonderful light started life as the 100WWCN version. It was expertly modded by Tekno_Cowboy with a neutral white XP-G emitter. This light has a flush button on the tail cap. The black crenulated bezel is stainless steel I believe. Four preset brightness...
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    Muyshondt Maus

    The latest thread I found on the Maus is 2016 so starting a new one. I am am seriously considering purchasing a Maus. I really like small flashlights that I can carry in my ‘watch pocket’. I was thinking of going with the aluminum model as it was the least expensive. However it only has 1...
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    Sold/Expired All Sold - Draco and Eiger 10280 lights

    Up for sale today are two 10280-driven lights that have seen little use but have been sitting around for a few years. Both of these lights come with two 10280 batteries each that still hold a charge, and a Nano charger (plug-in) and spacer to charge the batteries. A small piece of foil between...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff M61W and SST-90 Modules

    Up for sale are two P60 style drop-ins as a package deal. I have used these in the past, but they have very little run-time. Malkoff M61W This is the warm tint version with OP reflector. It is solid brass heat sink, fully potted. It can handle 3.4 to 9 volts, and will run in regulation for 1.5...
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    Testing L91 and L92 batteries on ZTS MBT-1

    I received one of the newest model MBT-1's today, I say newest because it has the same screen as the newest model shown on ZTS website. I have had a mini for quite a few years. I purchased the MBT-1 mostly to test my L91 and L92 batteries. I am familiar with testing cr123 primaries, I test...
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    Sold/Expired Surefire L4 - WW mod, bored for 17670 **Another Drop**

    Surefire L4 - WW mod, bored for 17670 **SPF** Up for sale is one of my favorite lights, that unfortunately has not seen much use from me, I've relegated it to 'closet queen' status, and it deserves better than that. It is in excellent shape, with a ding on the inner retaining ring in the...
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    Need advice on buck converter

    I have a Bosch cordless drill, which runs off a 14.4V battery. I also have the work light that goes along with it. I want to convert it to probably a neutral white xp-g. Can you recommend what buck converter I might be able to use to drop the voltage down so that I don't fry the xp-g? I'd go for...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: McE2S Switch

    May be a long shot, but I'd like to buy a McE2S switch for my L4. PM or reply here with what you have - which choice of ohm resistance, what type of tailcap it is installed in. Thanks!
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    Sold/Expired FS: **SOLD** KL4 mod with warm white MC-E

    KL4 warm white mod - Head only $110 **SOLD** This KL4 head was expertly modded by Mudman CJ. The stock emitter was replaced with a M-CE, J 5A. It has a beautiful color to the beam, and perfect flood. It blows away a stock KL4 in both output and tint. I have 2 similar heads, or I wouldn't be...
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    Sold/Expired FS: MC-E modded L4**SOLD**, Extreme MJP**SOLD**, Solarforce**SOLD**

    Up for sale are two complete lights, and a host. Surefire MC-E modded L4 $170 $165 $160**SOLD** This light was expertly modded by AaronM. All details can be found in the original sales thread here, including beam...
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    Honda EB3000 Generator with Cycloconverter

    I have been looking all over the internet for more information on this, and lo and behold I find a thread on another Honda generator that brings me back to my beloved candlepowerforums. So I'll post here. I just ordered the Honda EB3000. I have been researching Honda, Briggs and Stratton, and...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Milkyspit Roomsweeper

    I know - this is a long shot, but I'll never know if someone wants to sell until I post. My preference would be for a warmer-tinted MC-E light. Either E1E or E2E would be fine. If you have something for sale, please PM me with the details of the light. Thanks in advance.
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    Sold/Expired Closed

    I'm looking for a surefire L4 body, natural (don't know if they came in any other colors), bored to accept 17670's, in good condition. PM me or reply here if you want to sell. Thanks!