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    Both the Pila and the R123 are li-ion cells with a nominal voltage of 3.7, so the KL4 will put out about as much on the R123 as it will on the Pila, but the runtime will be much shorter. Actually, the Pila will do a better job of supplying current than will an R123, but the R123 should do a...
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    What are we gonna do with all of these K2s

    And that is the question. The die height is also a cause for concern. As it is, the 20mm reflectors that we have now are pretty darned nice for everyday use flashlights. For me, they give out a perfect beam for about 90% of the situations that you need a light for. If the die is a joker...
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    What are we gonna do with all of these K2s

    Hey guys, I have jumped on the band wagon, with bunches of others, in ordering K2s. Everyone, including myself, has been waiting in anticipation of these LEDs hitting the streets. The question is, "what are we going to do with them when we get them?" I know that you guys aren't getting these...
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    E2L Pulsing when batteries low

    It's normal. It's telling you that you need to change batts.
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    Surefire KL1 and Vital Gear bodies = no contact.

    LT, There was a reason that they went with the coil spring in the latest models. What you may need to do is to use a two tier approach. First, get the springs down as low as you can in the switch, and I could probably turn you a couple 0.020" spacers (along with the other work that you sent...
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    Surefire KL1 and Vital Gear bodies = no contact.

    LT, The problem may not be with the ground ring not touching. If you have the leaf spring type switches, try this. Screw the KL1 on then slowly loosen the tail cap. If it comes on, then there's too much pressure on the switch and it's pushing the switch away from its ground contact point. I...
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    SF L1 LumaMax

    The newer L1s have the TIROS and it does cast a narrow beam. What you might need is an older L1 with the Lux III in it. These are easily modifed with a reflector and casts a very utilitarian beam. Of course, for a bit more money, you could get into an Aleph and order the light to suit your needs.
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    White LED bin for outdoors

    This is a subject that has been discussed many times over. I remember it being a hot topic when I first joined CPF. This was at a time when color binning meant almost nothing and you could get a greenie, even if you had a "3" color bin. The last really good batch of Lux Is that I got were a...
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    SUREFIRE L1 2005 Version Beam Shots........would you be happy ?

    Ty, If you have one of the older L1s and did the reflector swap, you should be getting a very nice beam out of the 17mm reflector. There are, however, two models of that reflector. One is for use with bare emitters (this is the one that you need) and another for use with stars. I typically...
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    ALEPH beamshots

    You guys should check out the McGizmo forum. I'm sure that Bernie has posted something in there.
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    U2 on 2x150s ????

    It seems that many have jumped onto the U2 bandwagon. If the U2 is a two cell light, the odds are strong that it is running a boost converter. If so, going with two li-ion cells will likely create a situation wherein the Vin exceeds the Vf of the luxeon. In short, it wouldn't be a good idea.
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    X Bin?

    The X bins have been around for a while and many have sought them due to their published numbers. Although I would typically grab the X bin, if given a choice at the same price, I wouldn't pay a heavy premium just to have an X bin. The odds of getting an X bin that is a stellar performer are...
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    SF C3/KL3 parts project

    Comparing the KL3 to a P60/61 is kindda like comparing apples and oranges. The P60/61 do OK in the throw department, but they were never meant for monster throw. The newer KL3 has an optic rather than a reflector. I think the optic is either similar to or is the same optic as that used in the...
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    Loose parts inside KL4?

    I just use an o-ring for the seal. All it needs to do is make contact all the way around the head. The loctite that I use is the standard blue loctite that you can get at any hardware store.
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    Loose parts inside KL4?

    That thin washer was the seal. There should also have been some brittle black stuff. The brittle black stuff is what used to be the sealant. The gooey stuff, also black, is what Surefire uses as sort of a potting. They just kind of pour it over the IC and the main power lead solder joints...
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    warm-white luxeon arrived !

    From what I understand, the warm whites are special purpose luxeons. The yellow/greenish tint is typically what I would expect when someone says that they have a "warm" white luxeon. If you are just looking for something in a Lux III that isn't blue, you should try something in the flavor of a...
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    Aleph III

    What are you after? If throw is what you want, you don't need a light that puts out 200 lumens. You just need something with a larger reflector.
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    Loose parts inside KL4?

    Yeah, take a look at it. If you're unsure, send it to me, if you don't mind the postage. I'll fit it in between mods. The KL4 is really simple and repairing them to stock form is usually pretty easy. This is, of course, assuming that the converter is in tact.
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    Switching dumb heads on SF L1

    Dave, I'm glad to hear it. I've found, over the few years that I've been here, that if a light is built right and runs well for the first week or so without any problems, it will run for a LONG time thereafter. LED lights are like the Timex of lights. They just keep running.
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    Surefire KL4 efficiency??

    Many think that the KL4 runs too hot for comfort. Considering the test that Turbodog did, it tells me that a KL4 will cook itself, given the chance. I heat lights in an oven to 170 to "break" the factory seals on them and what Turbodog came up with comes mighty close to that. If heat is a...