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    Legend LX Needs Modding

    Legend LX uses CR123A Lithium 3 Volt x 2. Lithium AAs are 1.83 volts each and work with most AA powered devices. Both are Lithium, but, different.
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    Sneak Preview - Plugin AAA LED Adapter

    Very nice work!
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    Need advise for 2D [email protected] led mod

    He said this is for the kids tent and such, plus longevity, not lightsaber-ness. I say go with a Versalux PR-2 LED bulb from I have one in my 2D Mag, and it is very bright, tight focus and amazing throw (thank the Mag reflector for that). The kids can play with it all they...
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    Fed up with the kroll

    I have 5 Krolls and all are perfect. One tsp-123 caused the light to flicker, so I unscrewed the Kroll and there was a manmade fiber (garment or carpet) in there. Removed it with tweezers, and it is perfect. Unfortunately, all of my Krolls are in Arc LS powerpacks, so I can't send you one. I...
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    Free Up Those Frustrated Lumens

    How long was it, before you could see anything at all??
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    Hmmm, silly idea for a hurricane light.

    Great things, sometimes grow from silly ideas.
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    Inretech 2xAA doesn't like NiMH???

    Re: Inretech 2xAA doesn\'t like NiMH??? The inretech, like the CMG Reactor (2AA), is designed to have optimal brightness and runtime on a pair of Lithium AAs. About 25 hours of light per pair. Both are Direct Drive.
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    mag 1aa?

    It's ALIVE!!!!!! You done it. You know, that would get decent runtime with a solitaire bulb. I am interested in seeing how the MM does in that. I am also curious how the MM would do with a single NiMH.
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    Suggestions for these? *beamshots added*

    Re: Suggestions for these? Uh huh, local: Mr. Bulk! You be on that Bra's good side: no pakalolo (he with HPD). Those 2D Mags could take a Versalux PR-2 LED bulb. I actually perceive it as brighter than my Arc LSH-S. Hard to believe, I know, but that is what my eyeballs tell me. Versalux PR-2...
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    Hmm... What to do to my ARC LS Second

    Don't do anything to it!!!!!! It is way to good to modify. Modding an Arc LS is Sacralidge around here.
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    ARC LS high vs low dome? any LS side emitter mods?

    Re: ARC LS high vs low dome? any LS side emitter m High dome for throw. Low dome for more of a flood (still way better throw than standard 5mm LEDs). Side emitter is designed for use with a reflector and not NX01 or NX05 optics.
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    Luxeon Star Regulated 2D Rayovac

    Nice mod, Wayne!
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    LED Bulb Request (Custom)

    Illuminated; Note 1: The bulbs AB made are resistored so they can be used with 3 Lithium AAs in series. These custom bulbs are single LED for Petzl 4.5 volt - E10 base. Note 2: I mentioned what AB can do, as he offered such to me, in our PM discussion. I prefer to use the Versalux PR-2 bulbs...
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    LED Bulb Request (Custom)

    Since I haven't gone through the mods forum in a while, I just saw this. The ones AB built work just fine. I bought my Mega Belt brand New. So I paid full price for it. The one I got, came with the halogen (battery hog) bulb installed. At the moment, I am using a Zoom Adapter (Zoom that comes...
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    Right Angle Mini-Lantern

    I would imagine that at least one person at Nichia Corporation keeps an eye on this particular forum in CPF. The extremely creative Don strikes again: turns out a useful item from an engineering sample!
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    Can USB power a LS?

    I don't think so, but, I don't know the USB power specs.
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    9200mcd S-ranked Nicias in the PT Matrix

    It might be useful, if you got a second Matrix Module and leave it as is. While not a light meter, it would still serve the function of comparison. I know they aren't cheap (not in my budget). As I write this, I am using my Solo/Matrix. It is my favorite for close in stuff. Besides, a 2nd unit...
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    9200mcd S-ranked Nicias in the PT Matrix

    I use my Matrix Module for sitting at my computer keyboard and that, when I don't want the bright overhead lights on. Back in 1998, when I had moved to Columbus, Ohio, I bought this headlamp at the Walking Company. It turned out to be a rebranded PT Solo. When I learned of the matrix module for...
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    9200mcd S-ranked Nicias in the PT Matrix

    John; Thanks for the info on this. I had been wondering the same thing, as I have a Matrix Module myself.
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    Re: Regulated Headlight for rechargeables ->pix Great job, Slick! My solution to using an LS for a headlamp, was to buy an Arc LS headlamp mod from Silviron. I got the 4AA series/parallel version for doubled runtimes (14 hours w/lithium AAs). Given my total lack of shop skills, and almost...