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  1. griff

    Tritium replacement?

    super glue!
  2. griff

    The light with no name...

    nice work Freddie!
  3. griff

    ARC LS modification Project IN CHROME!!!!!

    List of Interest ARC LS CHROME Griff Karlthev F250XLT wolfey obijuan Kenobe
  4. griff

    ARC LS modification Project IN CHROME!!!!!

    Way to step up Scott! I think this would be a great user light for me!
  5. griff

    ARC LS modification Project IN CHROME!!!!!

    tell me how $$ much
  6. griff

    How to re-assemble pre-2001 C Maglite switch

    Can anyone guide me to info on an newer " 2C mag switch Mod " Im looking to build a Mag 2C P7 and wondering if there is a DIY thread??? I can't find anything
  7. griff

    My first attempt...

    Could be a "Phred Jr." in the making!! Nice Design
  8. griff

    MAG 6D P7 with pics

    Very nice touch!:grin2:
  9. griff

    "MZ-screw" SST-50 LE in FM11/Megalennium host

    Again.......YOU DA'MAN:devil::devil:
  10. griff

    Introduction to modifying flashlights ...

    Re: Introduction to modyfing flashlights ... Thanks......but can you go into more detail????:crackup::crackup::crackup:
  11. griff

    Stripping flame ano from Ti

    Donn, Dad has a nice " belt sander" you might contact him!:naughty:
  12. griff

    Mac's Custom SST-50 EDC Custom Light Clones in Stainless Steel

    Re: Mac's Custom SST-50 EDC Host DIY Cool! let's see what you can do !
  13. griff

    can you identify these lights???

    I have Five of these lights and need help identifying them. Can anyone help me with any information?? There aren't any special markings or numbers. I would be interested in letting someone have them to mod if they do one of them for me. They seem fairly heavy duty 2 D Cell body with...
  14. griff

    Help! Who mods McGizmos?

    Darkzero............. :twothumbs:twothumbssecond to none
  15. griff

    E-Series Prototype packs

    Great work Richard!! I would be honored to be the "MBT" for the E-seires packs MBT = Midwest Beta Tester :devil::devil: I would like something a bit rough looking*** something knurled maybe