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  1. FrogmanM

    AA Flashlight (new single cell converter) addition to the series

    Email Sent! -Mayo
  2. FrogmanM

    Angle light

    Man, an angled Sundrop would rock my socks! -Mayo
  3. FrogmanM

    Double, double toil and trouble

    Izelle and Julio will be interesting, luckily I've got a supply of cr123s to feed my various McGizmo torches. :) -Mayo :popcorn:
  4. FrogmanM

    AquaMule and AquaRam 18650 lights ** Terra versions added**

    Re: AquaMule and AquaRam 18650 lights AquaMule made it to Humboldt State, waiting for the 18650 to top off. Thanks again for a sweet torch McGizmo! -Mayo
  5. FrogmanM

    AquaMule and AquaRam 18650 lights ** Terra versions added**

    Re: AquaMule and AquaRam 18650 lights In that case, email sent for a 119v AquaMule! :) -Mayo :paypal: Legendary shipping!
  6. FrogmanM

    List your McGizmo flashlights

    A fine collection you have, especially your modded LunaSols. I'm confused with the naming of McGizmo's PD and the various LEDs used, wouldn't stoli67's be known as a Ti PD-XML? -Mayo
  7. FrogmanM

    Don is quiet !

    Naturally the idea of a titanium LT-27 (and 18650 compatible to boot!) coming back to the market is appealing, but I am drawn to the head capable of 4 levels of output. I wonder if such a setup could be placed in say a PD shell? (Then again, this is a non-engineer looking for vaporware from...
  8. FrogmanM

    Don is quiet !

    :popcorn: thanks for the update calflash, that is an interesting aqua light. -Mayo
  9. FrogmanM

    Maui time (Pictures) - 3

    I concur, another fine batch Mr. McGizmo! -Mayo
  10. FrogmanM

    I miss the McGizmo limited qty Waves...

    I still recall the anguish when I missed one of the final Ti PD-S waves, but managed to snag one down the road on BST. The waves were/are a fun way to capture McGizmo torches! -Mayo
  11. FrogmanM

    The Haiku: why I personally feel the 3S lights have surpassed the PD lights

    Re: The Haiku: why the 3S McClickie lights have surpassed the PD lights! Thanks for taking the time JS to write up an analysis of the transition from PD to 3S by Don. I enjoyed the insight on the Haiku, Cheers! -Mayo I would also like to add my mini journey alternating from McClickie to PD...
  12. FrogmanM

    Will The Classic Ti-PD Ever Be Produced Again?

    Very intriguing idea of collaboration! :popcorn: -Mayo
  13. FrogmanM

    Picture of your GIZMO !

    Nice color combo Barbarian, that is a clean Aleph you have there. -Mayo
  14. FrogmanM

    Lost my McLux Ti PD-S Mizer

    Sorry to hear that Carrot, hopefully it can be recovered or replaced. :candle: -Mayo
  15. FrogmanM

    How many drops have your McGizmo lights sustained?

    I've dropped/knocked my Lunasol 27 from standing height too many times to count. :sick2: The inside bits are still intact, and lights up every time I ask it to. This one time I knocked it off a counter onto a tile flooring, the C ring fell off.:ooo: Luckily, all that was needed was a round...
  16. FrogmanM

    What Did You Use Your McGizmo For Today?

    My PD-S illuminated the chain wheel of my Electra last night. The chain on my Townie fell off while riding home on PCH. Later, I used a LS27 to walk the dogs around the neighborhood. -Mayo
  17. FrogmanM

    Ti Mule Nichia 119 High CRI - Arrived !! - Lots of images

    Thank you for sharing these great pictures of Don's latest work.:eek: -Mayo
  18. FrogmanM

    New user!

    You sir are SET for edc! -Mayo (Is that PD a 6 fluter btw?)
  19. FrogmanM

    New Edition: Vote for your favorite McGizmo!

    I still appreciate my first McGizmo (LS27) but a Ti PD-S is getting the majority of the pocket time. -Mayo
  20. FrogmanM

    Maui time (Pictures) - 3

    Great shots of the Sun-bathing Honu's Don!:thumbsup: I spent the early part of the day today near some turtles near Poipu; they certainly are entertaining to watch. They are swift movers under water (when they want to be).:p I am hesitant to admit this, but it has become a habit of mine to...