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  1. glazer1972

    Mcclicky work in a Z59?

    The rubber cover on the Z59 wore slap out. I bought a Mcclicky equipped Z41 and much prefer the clicks of it over the factory Z59.
  2. glazer1972

    Mcclicky work in a Z59?

    I can’t believe no one’s tried this. I guess I’ll have to give it a go.
  3. glazer1972

    Mcclicky work in a Z59?

    Can a Mcclicky be used to rebuild a Z59 housing?
  4. glazer1972

    Which Rifle Light: small and light??

    Start with a 6p Incan. and add a and a 1" Weaver Ring.
  5. glazer1972

    Forward clickie vs reverse clickie (or the opposite one)

    I prefer forward clicky.
  6. glazer1972

    Surefire Guarantee

    I just ordered my first Surefire. I will say that there reputation factored into this purchase.
  7. glazer1972

    When does a flashlight simply become a host?

    Only the drop-in must change for a 6P to just to be a hos.
  8. glazer1972

    Why Surefire?

    Surefire has an excellent reputation with regards to quality.
  9. glazer1972

    September 2010: lights you bought this month

    I had to send my Olight Warrior M20 back for some warranty work so I ordered a Surefire G2L-FYL. Didn't really need a yellow light but I liked the fact that I got it for a good price and it already came with a forward clicky tail cap.