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  1. Kid9P

    Reflective Tape Recommendations ?

    So I acquired this old fluorescent green Surefire G3 body. I would love to add some reflective tape to it. These models use to include a sheet of reflective stickers, but they are no longer available. Can anyone recommend a very reflective white tape that would stand the test of time...
  2. Kid9P

    WITHDRAWN: Like New Leatherman Signal

    Like new Leatherman Signal. Tools and blade never used, not a mark on them. Will include the pictured holster, also comes with the Leatherman box. Price was 95.00....NOW 90.00 shipped USPS Priority- CONUS. PayPal FF only If interested, message me for PP info.
  3. Kid9P

    * WANTED * Peu Bezel with Trit slots

    Looking for a Peu Bezel with Trit slots for my old Novatac. Shoot me a PM if you have anything available... With or without trits is fine. Thanks!
  4. Kid9P

    WITHDRAWN: Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini + 14500 cell

    Like new Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini. No nicks, dings or scratches. Comes with original packaging and a Vapecell H10 - INR14500 (1000mAh). Got this last week from Nealsgadgets. Pretty impressive little light, unfortunately I'm just not a 14500 kinda of guy. I paid 142.00 and waited 2 weeks...
  5. Kid9P

    WTB: Surefire E2DL HEAD Only

    Looking for one of these heads in excellent condition - No dents, dings or scratches plz. Prefer the 500 lumen version but would consider the 200 lumen model as well. PM with any offers, thanks!
  6. Kid9P

    Sold/Expired WTS: SolarForce L2 / Sportac Triple

    S O L D Up for sale is my SolarForce L2 setup. It’s in excellent condition, no dents, dings or scratches. - Sportac Triple drop in, single mode/warm tint - SolarForce forward clicky ring - CR123's or 18650 These are getting harder to come by, especially with the pictured clicky. Price is...
  7. Kid9P

    Sold/Expired ** ALL SOLD ** Surefire G3 and 6P setups

    ALL SOLD. Up for sale is my Surefire G3, in Excellent condition. It's been upgraded with the following: Malkoff M61W McClicky Tailcap / Orange boot Surefire Z44 bezel sporting a XENO bezel ring Price is 125.00 Shipped via USPS Priority with Tracking. US Only. PayPal only to: rayjruiz AT...
  8. Kid9P

    WTB: *MINT* Novatac 120P in HA only

    I was reading old threads on Novatacs and got Nostalgic. So if anyone has a minty fresh (no dings, or scratches) Novatac 120P in HA, shoot me a message. Must me it perfect working order. Ray
  9. Kid9P

    Sold/Expired Price Drop 8/26: Lumens Factory KL4 Style head - Warm Tint

    Up for sale is a MINT Lumens Factory KL4 style 3 mode head with memory. Color is black. Warm White XP-L 90-CRI for 800 Lumens. 3.7v-9v. Will fit an any E-Series body. Price was 55.00, now 49.00 Shipped via USPS 1st Class with...
  10. Kid9P

    Sold/Expired WTS: FiveMega, SolarForce, LumensFactory

    Up for sale are some of my favorites. Unfortunately I have some medical expenses that need to be paid. All prices include free shipping -US ONLY- via USPS Priority Mail w/ Tracking. PayPal only, I'll eat the fees. PayPal is: [email protected] First I'll take it, followed by a prompt PP...
  11. Kid9P

    *FOUND* : Looking for a couple of screws for my Haiku

    ORDER PLACED, thanks Beamhead. Hey Guys, I’ve been clip swapping on my Haiku and I could use a new set of screws. I don’t want to bug Don, I figured someone here had extras. Shoot me a PM if you can part with a couple. Or if someone can point me in the direction of any online store. Thanks!
  12. Kid9P

    WTB: KDLitker E6 21700 P60 Host

    Message me with any offers, prefer it in new condition. May consider other KDLitker hosts, let me know what you got. Thanks
  13. Kid9P

    *ALL FOUND*: Looking for a couple of Sportac Drop-ins.

    These will be going into 2 celled SF hosts. Open to any voltage. Singles and Triples ok. Message me with any offers. Ray
  14. Kid9P

    *WITHDRAWN*: Weltool W4 LEP - Dragon in clouds

    Looking to fund another project, so this bad boy needs a new home. Weltool W4 LEP - Dragon in clouds. This is the mother of all LEP’s! No other LEP on the market can beat this 2670 meter beam. Light is MINT, comes with the box and accessories. I’ll even include the diffuser/lens protector...
  15. Kid9P

    Sold/Expired * SOLD *: MINT Hogue EX-A01 Auto

    Knife is mint, blade is centered. Comes with everything pictured. Any spots are dust, I can provide more pics if needed. Price is 90.00 shipped via USPS 1st class with tracking. US Only/No Trades PayPal only to: [email protected] First I'll Take it, followed by a prompt payment, gets it.
  16. Kid9P

    WTB: Malkoff Titanium VME Head

    Looking for one in great condition - no dings. PM or email me with any offers. [email protected] Thanks!
  17. Kid9P

    Sold/Expired *WITHDRAWN due to lack of interest*: More Lights Added + a Package Deal of lights

    REMAINING LIGHTS WITHDRAWN DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST #1- Surefire E2E Lego *SOLD to AKULA88* You get the E2E HA body. Has wear but no dents or dings. Surefire black clicky tailcap with 1 small ding. It's sporting a Lumens Factory P60 to E bezel with 1 small ding on it. The included drop in is...
  18. Kid9P

    Sold/Expired SOLD: MY HDS 325 Clicky + HDSRB Bezel

    HDSRB for HD(S)earch & Rescue Bezel custom designed by Photonphreaks - HAS BEEN SOLD SEPERATELY. @S O L [email protected] The remaining HDS 325 Lumen Clicky is now available for 2️⃣7️⃣5️⃣ Shipped via Priority - NO Trades. The pictured Moddoo Clip as is included as PayPal only to: [email protected] I eat...
  19. Kid9P

    HAS BEEN SOLD: MY HDS 325 Clicky + HDSRB Bezel...for a McGizmo Haiku

    Up For trade is my like new HDS 325 lumen clicky. It is currently sporting an HDSRB for HD(S)earch & Rescue Bezel custom designed by Photonphreaks. It provides increased throw with a more defined hotspot. Badass once you see it perform! These were made in limited quantities. I will also include...
  20. Kid9P

    WTB: Looking for 12 Trits (1.5 x 6mm)

    Seems everyone is sold out of this size (Mixglo and [email protected]) I'm open to just about any colors. Even if you only have a couple, I'd be interested. Please email me at rayjruiz AT with any offers. Thanks!