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    Streamlight 2AA ProPolymer LED Light mini-review

    Thanks for a great review saildude! A very well done and detailed examination of this light. Also thanks to chevrofreak for the runtime graph! The runtime plot on lithiums is amazing. When loaded with lithium AAs, this light would be a nearly perfect emergency/backup light for automotive...
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    NovaTac 120P - Review (currently in Polish)

    Thanks for an informative review and pics, Esthan. Good job! As you suggested, though I can't read Polish I was able to figure out what most of the numerical specs refer to. .
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    2D 3 LED Eveready

    Thanks for a thoughtful review, thunderlight. I always appreciate reviews of these less expensive lights that can be found at the local brick and mortar stores. It's helpful to have some idea of what lights to buy or recommend to friends and family, and what lights to avoid. There are too...
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    Rayovac "1 Watt" 1AA headlight from Walmart

    This headlamp is branded as being part of Ray-O-Vac's "Outdoor Extreme" or "Extreme Outdoors" (something like that) lineup of lights. It makes marketing sense to include a feature (blue output for blood tracking) that appeals to hunters. There are a LOT of hunters in this country. At worst...
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    Lumapower - New LM301 and LM303

    Thanks for the review and pics, Kilovolt. Good job! These are the type of lights that I had high hopes Fenix would build. Instead, Fenix Cree lights have too many levels and functions, horrible User Interfaces, and low levels that aren't low enough. I really appreciate the serious User...
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    Fenix P3D review up at

    Thanks for yet another excellent review Quickbeam! .
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    Smith & Wesson Galaxy Luxeon Flashlight and Headlamp (from - Lots of Pics

    Re: Smith & Wesson Galaxy Luxeon Flashlight and Headlamp (from - Lots of Pics Thanks mattchase, for a very well done review including pics and runtime. Great way to start things off on CPF! .
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    Pentagonlight MOLLE Light Impressions

    Hey bridgman, sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue with your MOLLE light. Several other people mentioned this same issue earlier in the thread. This is why I haven't ordered any MOLLE lights yet. I've been hoping that Pentagonlight would resolve this issue rapidly. It's a shame that...
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    Pentagonlight Molle review

    Thanks for the excellent review and pics bridgman. I've been intending to get a few of these lights but will be holding off a little longer due to problems people were experiencing with some of the early production lights they got from CountyCom. I do agree with you conclusion. I can't think...
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    Lil' Bratz Torch / Flashlight Review (with beamshots!)

    Thanks for a great review and pics! Too bad these little lights are not available in the US. The breakaway lanyard ring and tactical ultra-quiet switch are advanced features found on very few lights, let alone lights as reasonably priced as this. Maybe we could organize a group buy and get...
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    Inova Bolt Series 2xAAA and 2xAA

    Thanks for the added info cratz2. 20 lumens is about what I was hoping for from the 2AAA Bolt. That ouptut is more than sufficient for walking a trail and tasks around camp. Its output level, compact size, light weight, and ruggedness would seem to make it a great back up light for outdoor...
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    Inova Bolt Series 2xAAA and 2xAA

    Thanks for for the excellent pics and mini-review cratz2. I'm very interested in the whole Bolt series, but particularly the 2AAA model. These lights look to be very hard to beat at their price points. For only a few bucks more than a MiniMag 2AA, the Bolt 2AA looks like an outstanding buy...
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    Pentagonlight MOLLE Light Impressions

    I've been intending to order a couple of these based on the favorable early reviews. Now, I'll probably wait a little while longer. This is frustrating, since this product has such potential to be a really superb utility-task light. Frankly, I would have expected better quality control than...
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    Pentagonlight MOLLE Light Impressions

    Re: Disassembly ! Great job there 6010 nsk! Wonderful that this light comes apart so completely. Looks like it has mod potential. Can you find a sense resistor on the circuit board? If so, it may be possible to change it to increase or decrease the output. Also, it might be possible to...
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    Pelican 7060 LAPD: Preview

    What's the old saying about the location of beauty? 'In the eye of the beholder?' There's no accounting for taste. To me, this *is* a beautiful light. Sleek lines, futuristic and functional, really cool looking. Much better looking than any Surefire light - to my eyes anyway. YMMV .
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    Pelican 7060 LAPD: Preview

    +1 Man, this looks to be one AWESOME light. Glad to see it holds its own, performance-wise. I really like the looks of this light - sleek, futuristic, and just plain cool-looking. Pelican appears to have excelled with this model. .
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    Thinking of a new feature for my reviews

    Thanks for providing the great reviews TigerhawkT3. Something I'd like to see is your impression of a light several months down the road, after you've had a chance to use it some. Durability, practical usability, any failures or problems. Any other issues you've had with the light - cross...
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    Budget Flashlights for non-CPFers

    Great idea MikeSalt, and excellent mini-reviews and pics. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to do this. Wish someone was doing similar reviews for US-based CPFers. .
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    Pentagonlight MOLLE Light Impressions

    Half an inch shorter sounds good. However, that red filter sounds good too. For a light without a low level, that red filter could come in real handy to avoid ruining your eye's dark adaptation. Red is especially good for wilderness use. .
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    Pentagonlight MOLLE Light Impressions

    +1 1. Useless, unless the light is taken completely apart. 2. Gimmicky - mars the elegant simplicity of a serious little utility light. Reminds me of a prize that might be found in the bottom of a box of breakfast cereal. .