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    My #1 choice for a EDC single AA/14500 flashlight

    Thanks for reading my post and your positive comment regarding my EDC requirements. In regards to the effect of 14500's on the lower output modes I regretfully have to report that they do get bumped up with the additional voltage push of a 14500 vs. AA. Have you checked out the Xeno E03. Very...
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    My #1 choice for a EDC single AA/14500 flashlight

    I wanted to share what I consider to be the best single AA/14500 EDC flashlight. In my search for the best flashlight of this configuration the flashlight had to have the following features without compromise. 1- The flashlight must operate with a single AA Nimh or 14500 lithium battery. 2- The...
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    Flashlight Recommendation Checklist - Updated!!

    Thanks for providing this well thought out checklist and that you humbly invited members to offer their suggestions and input. I would like to offer perhaps another criteria in section 4) which is to include " ___ Tail stands" 4) Flashlight-specific format/size: ____Keychain size. ____Every...