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  1. Anglepoise

    Can Me Bulk driver be modded ?

    You might give George a call. Super guy. He designed and built all the drivers that Bulk used. I agree with the guys above. Grounding is sometimes a problem.
  2. Anglepoise

    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    Great UI. I made 3 lights with a side switch from George. Two were his standard side swith drivers as shown in the pic. You might be interested in the link that is part of my signature below
  3. Anglepoise

    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    Chris. Was the XP-L HI domed or flat.......and were you able to keep the original reflector. Thanks, David
  4. Anglepoise

    Mr. Bulk Chameleon Update Needed

    To my knowledge you can not change the driver as its side switch is part of the driver. You might check with George, at who made the drivers. The LED can be updated but I do not have the exact ones you can use. Its a great light. Good luck.
  5. Anglepoise

    A fresh take on my first ti light

    Way to go MM
  6. Anglepoise

    Mr Bulkware Mods: Lion Cub & Chameleon With SSC P7s

    Great work. I like the idea of securing the ground with a screw. An important improvement. I love Georges drivers with the side switch.
  7. Anglepoise

    NEWBIE Needs Help Soldering!!

    Recently I was in a situation that I needed to upgrade my soldering skills. I have always used 60/40 multi core solder with the horrible sticky brown flux. It worked but fellow member Georges80 has this to say on the situation Now after talking to him, he sent me a link with his suggestions...
  8. Anglepoise

    More Ti Eye Candy

    Finish looks fantastic.............and we all know why ,don't we.<g>
  9. Anglepoise

    Quick 5761 Question

    I am powering a 5761 with 6 Elite 1700's and am delighted with the performance. I have not done a run time ( not interested ) but just pop in a WA1111 if I need something that lasts a little longer per charge. I did a very carefull de resistance mod on my switch and tail cap , so have to watch...
  10. Anglepoise

    A hotwire that's practical...

    missionaryman great post. Can you let us know more about how you selected and tested to get 4 NTC's working together. I am presuming you used 4 so that the warm resistance was reduced to almost nothing , but you still had resistance when cold so no inst flash. Any findings on your NTC use...
  11. Anglepoise

    My version of an A1 in Titanium (56k beware!)

    Great to see the Aleph line given new life. Good job
  12. Anglepoise

    My first Ti!

    Looking Good !!
  13. Anglepoise

    My first mag lite off the lathe

    You are having lots of fun....and let your brother help with getting that first lathe. You just can't beat experience when buying new or used.
  14. Anglepoise

    Share Your Home Creations on Mini Lathe

    The item is held stationary in the lathe chuck and indexed how ever many cuts are required around its diameter. Then a lathe tool is turned 90° and moved up and down the lathe bed, thereby acting like a shaper. With a rigid set up, one cut of about 10 thou with a 60° tool does a nice job in a...
  15. Anglepoise

    Share Your Home Creations on Mini Lathe

    Well I mentioned in post #14 above that I was about to undertake a Ti light. Well it worked out very well I think. My lathe is a little bigger than a Mini but one still has to go slow and plan each step carefully.
  16. Anglepoise

    Modded my Novatac 120P Pocket Clip

    Nice mod. The tailcap has a machined groove that accepts the hole of the clip. The groove will always remain the same size , no matter how tight you apply to the tail cap. One trick you might try is to slightly kink the clip hole so that it takes on a wavy appearance. This increases the...
  17. Anglepoise

    Drilling 1" hole in 1/8" thick aluminum

    A bi-metal hole saw bit will get the job done but the hole will be a bit rough and a little over size. Best bet is to get a 1" drill bit with a thinned down shank to fit the chuck of your drill press. These are called 'Prentiss' drills. Also for your safety, when using such a large bit on thin...
  18. Anglepoise

    My second light from scratch

    Good on you yclo. Lots of fun............
  19. Anglepoise

    Filling E-can w/arctic alumina

    ....and it sets up fast.