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    Clean up voltage on a modified sine wave inverter?

    Please clarify exactly what you mean by "open limit." Smart valve will probably be checking inputs from a flame rollout sensor, a flue draft sensor, an overtemp sensor, and possibly others. A no-go input from any of these will halt the ignition sequence. My flue draft sensor fails...
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    RIP Suzanne Pleshette

    That movie and also "The Ugly Dacshound" from Disney come to mind. RIP .
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    Why not more Singaporean type laws here in the US?

    I've read detailed statistical studies of the deterent effect of the death penalty as applied in the US. Statisticians vary in their estimates of effectiveness, but I recall ratios of 5/1 to 15/1 in various papers I read. That is, 1 murderer executed *deters* 5 to 15 homicides. Abolition in...
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    Time Magazine's Inventions of 2007

    +1 Other than to kill time in medical waiting rooms, I haven't read a Time magazine for well over 20 years. Time, Newsweek, and even USN&WR have devolved into pathetic shadows of their former selves. .
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    It's winter 1957, Russia just launched Sputnik, WHAT DO YOU DO?

    The answer is rather obvious. The ability to loft a small metal sphere overhead implies the ability to loft an A-bomb overhead. Not long after Sputnik, both Russians and Americans did indeed have that ability. Before Sputnik, most people conceived of bombs being delivered by slow, vulnerable...
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    Parallel Universes Exist

    Larry Niven, Harry Harrison, and H. Beam Piper wrote some classic stories involving parallel universes and travel between them. Exploration, invasion from a universe to the one next door, warfare between them, etc. It's possible that such travel could be much easier to accomplish than...
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    weapon laws in the UK,confused.

    Only a century ago the people of Britain enjoyed more personal liberty than most people did in the US. How things have changed. The sad thing is that I don't see much hope for reversing this trend. There is the far-left Labour Party. There is the middle-left, so-called Conservative Party...
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    Man's Pants Catch Fire At Airport

    Man's Pants Catch Fire At Airport: Apple's hot, new product... .
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    Igniting Salt Water

    How does a microwave oven heat a cup of water? RF radiation (RF is an EM wave) from the magnetron in the microwave oven interacts with water molecules in the cup. Exactly how is energy transfered from the magnetron to the water in the cup? How does the RF interact with electrically neutral...
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    Breathable waterproof jackets

    The short answer is no, GoreTex and similar fabrics aren't all they're cracked up to be. I base this opinion on having owned garments featuring several different generations of GoreTex. Also have owned garments featuring fabrics from several of the GoreTex competitors or clones. My real world...
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    China sentences former food and drugs chief to death

    The Communist Parties of Russia and China really do (or did in the case of Russia) function much like Organized Crime Families. They are corrupt to the very core, and they tend toward total cynicism about human motivations. They probably view the Falun Gong as just another Organized Crime...
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    China sentences former food and drugs chief to death

    If you liked that execution, you'll probably love this execution. Death sentence over China slave scandal: Notice how the lower-level guys got capital punishment or a life sentence, while the Communist Party...
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    Anyone have real world experience with paper wasps?

    Unaggresive compared to what? To yellowjackets? They're less agressive than yellowjackets, but that isn't saying much. Yellowjacket nests are a much more urgent problem that is best dealt with ASAP. There are mud dauber wasp nests on the front porch and in some of the basement window frames...
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    So what's a flashaholic supposed to do when its not dark... in Ohio?

    Exactly my reaction. Somebody may be having a little fun with that pic. Maybe that pic was added to the series to see if anyone would notice and raise an objection. .
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    Jeers to people who don't control their dogs!

    Thanks for the pointer, LukeA. I'm not sure about Snope's conclusion that "A lion is a powerful and lethal predator and can easily kill a mule..." I've read that some mountain lions won't attempt to kill deer above a certain size, because instinct tells them that a kill is uncertain and that...
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    China shuts 180 food factories for using illegal chemicals

    Continuing coverage of issues with Chinese food and drugs: .
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    Mosquito Patch

    LOL! I hear you, BIGIRON. Spring here was fairly dry, but I've been bitten several times while working in the back yard in bright sun. Little buggers seem to lurk all day in areas with deep shade, just waiting for a victim to happen by. .
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    Jeers to people who don't control their dogs!

    Do you have a source for that? Those pics came from a story posted on some sort of a news site, the "Tombstone Tumbleweed." Pics might have been photoshopped or misleadingly posed - I have no idea if they are authentic. There's a big Akita, maybe 100 to 120 pounds, that lives a few blocks...
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    Companies forcing consumers to upgrade

    Microsoft can be a PITA, but so can Apple be a PITA. I deal with Microsoft as little as possible. Used to have to deal with Apple for upgrades where I worked. They had mostly PCs and a dozen or so Apples. Never again, if I can avoid it. Besides avoiding Apple I also try to avoid Dell, which...
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    Jeers to people who don't control their dogs!

    Found 'em. Maybe it's not a mule, but an ***. Someone with more animal knowledge than me may be able to tell from these pics. .