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    ZebraLight SC600

    Finally, a flashlight with knurling from Zebralight. I'm interested, definitely. Great find.
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    Neutral (4000K-4500K) AA (or converter) light needed

    +1 But I'm holding out for when they finally come out with a flashlight with knurling. I still have my H501w floody to play with until then.
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    Question for anyone with a Fenix E21

    How's the beam pattern? I would like to purchase one just to have around the house and scanning my backyard for critters.
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    Can't decide on a 1xAA light

    +1, and add knurling to the body and improve the run time. That I would buy.
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    Malkoff M61WLL 17.5 hours on 18650!!

    That's awesome! I would like to get one but would it fit snugly in a Solarforce L2P?
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    Quark Mini 123 small review.

    How's the tint on the mini? I hope it's creamy white. I'm looking to ordering one from 4Sevens, as soon as the S2 runs out.
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    Fenix LD25, LD40 (and some other) outdoor beamshots

    I returned two LD25 that also have the green tint around the hotspot and ordered another two from a different site. I hope they'll fair better. I like the overall construction and feel of the light, the only problem is the LED.
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    Solarforce L2P XML vs Eagletac T20C XML recomendation

    Some stores that carries the P60 XML drop-ins are, and I'm sure other stores as well, these are just my preferences.
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    thoughts on fenix LD25 (maybe as compared to LD20 R5)

    So, you guys don't have the green tint around the hotspot (LD25)? Both the light I own have it and I'm thinking of returning them.
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    thoughts on fenix LD25 (maybe as compared to LD20 R5)

    I recently just got them and haven't really used them but I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks.
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    thoughts on fenix LD25 (maybe as compared to LD20 R5)

    Hi Fannin, I have two Fenix LD25, recently ordered, and they are nice but there's one problem. The area right outside the hotspot has a slightly green tint while the hotspot itself is creamy white. The green tint really bothers me, and both lights have it. I'm thinking it could be either: 1)...
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    Question about Solarforce L2 AA

    Hi, I also have the SF L2r, but with the LC-1 drop-in from Lighthound. Link. It's a great combination, the low is pretty good for everyday around the house, but a bit too bright for night adapted eyes. The high is almost as bright as an R2 running on 18650 on high. Beam pattern is really...
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    Anyone looking for L2P host in natural finish?

    I've been waiting to get a natural L2P host for cheap and now my wish has finally come true and I would like to spread the news. Lighthound is now selling them for $19.99. Better get one or two because they go by fast. I'm glad that I waited instead of buying one from ebay for $30.
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    Draco - Lost and Found!

    Re: Draco got stolen this evening I'm sorry for what happened. Judging by your story, it doesn't seem like the crook is a regular. My recommendation is ask other members or employees about recent thefts, if there hasn't been any, most likely it's a new member. Or if the key shelf is back...
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    Solarforce L2P & Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5 5C Problem

    Update I just received a Solarforce R2 3-mode drop-in from The +spring is about ~10.5mm, compared to the 9mm on the Dereelight, and it's also a bit stiffer. I used an AW 18650 2600 mAh (flat top) for the quick test and it did not change mode when shake or dropped. I guess every...
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    Solarforce L2P & Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5 5C Problem

    There are many L2P owners out there and I'm surprised that no one has really brought this up. I've seen only a few threads that talk about the L2P's body being a bit too long and wide, but no one has really mention it interfering with multi-mode drop-ins. Regarding the 9mm height of the...
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    Solarforce L2P & Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5 5C Problem

    Since I can't test for resistance, and if it comes down to it, I'll will try to re-solder the joints on the contact spring later this weekend. Thanks.
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    Solarforce L2P & Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5 5C Problem

    Thank you, Gurthang. The joints look fine and I don't have a device to test the resistance. There was one thing I didn't test with a AW 2200 mAh, that was using 1.6mm magnets, one on each end. That seem to solve the shaking problem, but dropping the light from 2 feet to the ground does make it...
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    Solarforce L2P & Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5 5C Problem

    Hi everyone, I just ordered a L2P from itc_shop on ebay, and a Dereelight 3SD XP-E Q5-5C from So, I do not have another drop-in to test. The drop-in only works with a single 18650. It has 3 ouputs, 100% 50% and 5%. The light would only turn on with the outer spring. I have...
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    Raptor-3 using Luminus SST-90

    This is totally off topic, but regarding heat issue. Here's a crazy thought. Most or some of the heat is transferred to the finned head and dissipated. What if the fins were able to slowly rotate either manually or battery powered. I reckon that would dissipate the heat quicker. So, the fins...