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  1. Anglepoise

    Anyone else glad to see more side switch options?

    I think we have to thank George from TaskLed who was one of the first to make an LED driver with a side switch and excellent UI. A certain Mr.Bulk made and sold many lights on this forum around 2002. Sadly he left this forum somewhat under a cloud or his lights might have continued on like...
  2. Anglepoise

    Best way to clean a reflector?

    I have had to clean many reflectors when using WA potted bulbs. They seem to emit some junk that coats the lens and reflector. I have been quite successful using the following. Clean hands Adjust water stream from single outlet tap to high warm. Spray reflector with Fantastic, Windex and hold...
  3. Anglepoise

    Who Was First? Mr. Bulk UI Discussion & More

    Re: Who Was First? I don't have the URL to the PDF file but this is something that would be very easy to find by asking on the FF website.
  4. Anglepoise

    Who Was First? Mr. Bulk UI Discussion & More

    Re: Who Was First? I think it important to add that the above is how member shuter set up the UI to his liking. But it also could be set up in other equally simple ways, all easily programmable by the end user.
  5. Anglepoise

    Who Was First? Mr. Bulk UI Discussion & More

    Re: Who Was First? It would be nice to see someone else continue making these lights. Most of the small light manufacturers have all aligned themselves with electronic experts who supply the drivers. Mr. Bulk chose George and Don chose dat2zip and sadly I don't think we could persuade Don to...
  6. Anglepoise

    Who Was First? Mr. Bulk UI Discussion & More

    Re: Who Was First? Yes.....The UI was built by member Georges80 with help on the UI from member Darell ****ey. Sadly only one major builder ,Mr. Bulk, put quantities of these side switch drivers on the market as a finished light. Many recent members here have never seen or heard much about...
  7. Anglepoise

    Anyone got the P7, Seoul Acriche 110volt AC ,LED ?

    Seoul announced the Acriche LED line back in November 2006 and since then there has been little info about this. Its an LED that is connected directly to an AC outlet, no driver required. Anyone got one of these??
  8. Anglepoise

    What lubricant?

    WD-40 is very good for what it was designed to do. However it is not a good long term lubricant and it hampers the conductivity of two metals that touch each other. In other words, its not good around electrical connections.
  9. Anglepoise

    Stupid Newb questions;-)

    This post by PhotonFanatic might give you an idea or to as to building a custom light. Also PhotonFanatic is a good person to buy emmiters from.
  10. Anglepoise


    Keep an eye out for any lights made by a moder called Mr. Bulk. He made 3 different models and they all had electronic side switches and were waterproof. They come up for sale from time to time and were well made quality items. Mostly in Aluminum but also a few in Ti. Only other manufacturer...
  11. Anglepoise


    Always nice to see others who apreciate a side switch ( shuter...see my link in my sig ). In my experience, a well designed side switch light can be very reliable as well as easy to deploy. Good electronic switch has proven to me to be far more reliable than mechanical twist and tail click...
  12. Anglepoise

    Cheapest Titanium flashlight

    This is a good question as a few manufacturers are bead blasting their Ti and this does look and act as a coating. The bead blasting gives the effect of a coating but it is not. However why anyone would want to do that is beyond me. A bead blast finish is very easily marked up. Ti is just...
  13. Anglepoise

    Best of the CHEAP...another car thread.

    I still believe that the 'car' should be the place that lights go when they have lost their interest to their owner. Sometimes, when re discovered months later..... when a tire change or other lighting situation rears its head, interest is sometimes re kindled. If not , then I ultimately sell...
  14. Anglepoise

    Why no titanium nitride finish on flashlights.

    Re: Why no titanium nitrite finish on flashlights. This is new information to me. I was always under the impression that the reason TiN was not used on Aluminum was because it is too soft and a slight dent will make the TiN crack and chip at that point. I have never heard of the coating...
  15. Anglepoise

    How to "break in" threads on light?

    The trick here is to get the threads mating better. You need to coat the threads with some sort of abrasive and then work the threads back and forth with alternating pressure trying to pull the two halves apart and then pushing together. An application of metal polish works well for me. The...
  16. Anglepoise

    Non-hardwearing type III anodising

    Exactly. Some of these very hard new style coatings, TiN etc, are behaving the same way when applied to soft aluminum.
  17. Anglepoise

    Bronze flashlights?

    Two simple but important reasons. Bronze, Brass and Aluminum Bronze are all very heavy when compared to aluminum. And worse, all three metals tarnish badly.
  18. Anglepoise

    Clicky vs. Twisty - which is really more reliable? + thoughts on new design

    I agree. My favorite as well. The reason they are not used in more lights I believe is the fact that the switch location is dictated by the driver requiring + and - power. Now I like the switch in this side position, but many don't. It is much easier for the manufacturer to design a twisty. It...
  19. Anglepoise

    Relatively unknown... but GREAT lights

    Unknown to most recent ( 2 years ) members, Mr Bulks creations, LionHeart/LionCub and Chameleon are simple lights with a side switch and full on electronics . George's drivers are 'state of the art' and its sad these are not better known and respected. They deserve it.
  20. Anglepoise

    What light is most underappreciated?

    The most under appreciated lights are the Lionheart, Lioncub and Chameleon. I should correct that, and state that many members have never seen or heard of them so it's hard to not appreciate something that you have never seen.. Along with Mr. Bulks exit from CPF went his lights and that was a...