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    Small thrower

    Looks like a chalice from Indiana Jones movie. hehe
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    Best 1x14500 Thrower?

    Thanks for the advise guys! Are there other note-worthy lights of similar throw/performance or are these it? I remember the Javelot of Deerelight, but I believe that has been discontinued.
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    Best 1x14500 Thrower?

    Among these two: 1. BLF X5/Astrolux S3 2. Manker T01 II which is the better thrower? or is there something out there better than both stock?
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    Emisar D1S thrower!

    Hmm, is the head of the MT02 the same as the UT02? It looks smaller and theoretically would throw less than the UT02. :)
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    What are the farthest throwing EDC flashlights?

    for non-modded lights, here are possible EDC lights you can easily buy depending on your budget and preference: 1. Convoy C8 XPL Hi 2.8A CW 6500-7000k 95k lux (~ 20USD) 2. Nitecore P30 XPL Hi CW 95k lux (~60USD) 3. Olight M2X-UT XPL Hi CW 160k lux (~85USD) 4. Manker U21/Utorch UT02 XPL Hi CW...
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    XHP70.2 4000 Lumen tactical LED Flashlight ACEBEAM L30-NEW Product Announcement

    Re: NEW Product Announcement - ACEBEAM L30 4000 Lumen tactical LED Flashlight Any ideas when the release date will be?
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    Stock 1x18650/26650 Thrower Better than the Olight M2X-UT?

    up up up up up
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    Convoy L6 Throw vs. Flood reflector choice?

    +1 on the research! best to be sure before pulling the trigger! :)
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    Convoy L6 Throw vs. Flood reflector choice?

    Hello Jerry! Your post caught my eye as I have upgraded my Convoy L6 with an SMO reflector. What I can say is this: there is a little bit improved throw, maybe about 10k to 20k more, not substantial enough to effectively double the throw. Compared to my smaller Convoy C8 SMO XPL HI 2.8A, this...
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    Stock 1x18650/26650 Thrower Better than the Olight M2X-UT?

    Hello All, Just checking the waters for something you may know of out there that can already top the M2X-UT's 160,000+ lux and 800+ meter throw? Can be a single 18650 or 26650 and should be stock, no Vyn please! hehe. :)
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    My fathers flashlight collection - HELP!

    Your father has a wonderful collection. It would really be a shame to be rid of them. Some of those lights can no longer be found. If you must get rid of some, make sure to keep the ones you know he treasured the most. (You can tell because they are most likely in the most immaculate condition...
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    What are the farthest throwing EDC flashlights?

    How about the Klarus XT12GT? Couldn't that be considered an EDC? 90,000+ lux, almost identical to the P30 which has a bigger head and actually is EDC sized. If you are not bothered by the heads of the XT12GT and the Nitecore P30, then get the best in their class: Olight M2X-UT 160,000+ stock...
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    Test/review of LG 18650 HG2 3000mAh (Brown)

    HG2, best for vapers due to its high drain capability, but still will come in short for flashlight use compared to the LG MJ1 and Sanyo GA both @ 3500mAh albeit, lower drain capability. (10A versus 20A on the LG Choco) :)
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    Opus BT-C3100 2.2-Comparison-New and Exchanged.

    Re: BACK TO BASICS-SIMPLE,EFFICIENT AND DURABLE! +1 on this, can't wait to receive my unit! :)
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    Solar charging 18650 on the AT light weight hiking

    These two items solve everything: You can opt to swap the Miller with an Xtar MC2 for dual 18650 charging, but you lose the ability to...
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    How to make your lithium-ion batterys last longer

    Here's how I keep my 18650's going. (i have old Panasonic 2900mAh which are about ten years old now) 1. Never leave them discharged over long periods. 2. Never drain them past 3.4 volts (charge them up right away) 3. Never store them in places that would get warm or humid. 4. Never leave them...
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    Rechargeable 123?

    if you really must use batteries with 3.6volts, there are Soshine 3.0v CR123A rechargeables, you however need to also purchase the charger for these as if you charge them in regular lithium ion battery chargers, those charge up to 4.2volts. the specific charger will only charge those CR123A's...
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    What flashlights have you lost?

    I lost a Sunwayman C20C during a wedding, dropped out of my EDC bag and i didnt notice since it was already late in the evening and the lighting wasn't that good. Lucky SOB who found it. Anyway, next day bought a new one online and that's that. Been doubly (even triple) careful since then.
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    Convoy L6 Tactical Ring

    I took this ring out with some difficulty, (have to remove the oring to avoid damaging it) then installed the tactical ring, seems like the logical thing as the tactical ring also serves as the anti-roll for the light plus it makes the light easier to hold in a "tactical" format like a cigar...
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    Miboxer C4 Smart Charger Review

    Hello, I would like to know where we can buy this charger? And how much? Thanks.