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    If you only had one light?

    AGREED! Though I'd slightly change and say that I'd go with the Sunwayman V10R with nichia that I bought from you! The light is great and as of RIGHT now it's my go to light.
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    Looking for a bright small flashlight

    Yes, you will find that your budget should allow you to get any light you wanted in the brands mentioned in this thread so far (with the exception of the custom stuff). The only 2xAA light I've tried is the E2LAA but I wasn't that impressed with it as it wasn't that impressive in terms of lumen...
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    Walking the Dogs at night

    What's your budget? You may want to look in to some of the solarforce flashlights like the L2T or anything in that line and get a p60 drop in of your choice. They take 18650's and are cheap. For p60 drop ins there are lots out there and most can be bought online... check out customlites (AKA...
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    Looking for a bright small flashlight

    What's your general budget? If you look around here you'll see that you can get any light from $20 up to $2000. A general idea for how much you'd want to spend max would be helpful for those looking to give suggestions. Also, if you care whether it's titanium or aluminum/etc that'd be helpful...
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    Best AAA led keychain flashlight?

    Easy... GET ALL 3!!!
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    Best AAA led keychain flashlight?

    +1 for the Olight i3s. It's cheap, bright, and nicely made. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the UI as I do not particularly like the twist on/off to change modes but I think that's pretty much the standard in AAA keychain lights.
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    World Traveler EDC/Utility Light

    +1 for Eneloop batteries. I have a bunch of them and their shelf life has been great thus far. They seem to barely lose any charge while sitting in a case for extended periods. Somebody else mentioned it already but I'd recommend the AA/AAA charger that uses USB to charge. You can find it on...
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    World Traveler EDC/Utility Light

    You might want to take a look at some of the AAA offerings out there now as a backup or backup to your backup (for gifting while on your travels). The Olight i3s is a well reviewed light and is cheap at around $20. I've heard good things about the Fenix E01 as well but don't own one. I also...
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    High-end (relatively speaking) Ti Light

    You thought the haiku was too big with a 123 pak on it? I find it to be very small and from the pics I've seen online it looks about the same size if not smaller than the Tri-EDC iirc. Here's a pic of my haiku in my calipers so you can see exact length. Plus a pic of my mule with aa pak on it...