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    Your Highest Lumen Flashlights,*including video* of Lambda VPT3 SBT90 MB flux bin

    Re: Your Highest Lumen Flashlights The latest model is 2100 now I believe.
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    Your Highest Lumen Flashlights,*including video* of Lambda VPT3 SBT90 MB flux bin

    Re: Your Highest Lumen Flashlights Including One Stop Throw TN31 My most powerful is my Exposure Six Pack bike light 1800lm on hi.
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    Flood monster...all comers

    My Bike light is a flood beast Exposure Six Pack I love it
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Trustfire R5-A3 as I had a free £10.00 paypal voucher from ebay and I wanted a 1xAA light so it cost me £0.19 very cheap.
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    Zebralight SC 600 as a helmet light

    Hi i currently use a Fenix LD20 as a helmet light attached with a two fish lock block I would like something brighter and am attracted to the Zebralight SC600 and i wondered how they work with lock blocks.
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    ITP A3 Eos not working

    Tried stretching the spring still no luck
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    ITP A3 Eos not working

    I will give that a try thanks
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    ITP A3 Eos not working

    Cleaned it with switch cleaner still no luck
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    ITP A3 Eos not working

    Yes but will try cleaning with alcihol soon
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    ITP A3 Eos not working

    My ITP A3eos titanium has stopped working. The rechargeable battery seemed to run out so i replaced it and it didn't work so i replaced it with an alkaline cell and still nothing any ideas? Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My!

    You just cannot beat a classic breakfast butty Bacon, fried egg, sausage and tomato on a soft white roll awesome!! Ultimate hangover cure.
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    Keyring torches

    I love my ITP EOS A3 Titanium I have carried it on my keys for 5 months and did not notice any extra bulk on my keys. I have dropped it several times with no ill effects you need to upgrade the clip to the keys as this is not the greatest. nice excuse to buy a stainless steel snap shackle for it...
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    Helmet light for off Road riding

    Some good points there i am looking for a light to compliment my existing bar light which is an exposure 6 pack which has massive output but is fixed to the bars
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    Wrist watches

    Mine is a casio waveceptor and it resets itself daily using the greenwich time signal it is very reliable and has an illuminator backnlight i love it
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    flashlight mounts

    I use the twofish option tohelmet mount a lockblock or cycleblock dependant where you want it on the helmet
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    Helmet light for off Road riding

    Hi i have been looking for a light to helmet mount to give more power than the Fenix LD20 i currently use. I like the look of the Exposure joystick mk5 but this is a little too expensive. I also like the look of a Fenix PD31 but this appears to be limited edition. It seems the single 18650...
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    Ld10 battery tube for LD20 R5

    Does anyone know if the Fenix LD10 battery tube is available for the Fenix LD20 newer R4 model?
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    Bike mounted TK45

    Going to test ride it tonight should be fun will tryu to post some pictures soon.
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    Bike mounted TK45

    Well i am a lucky boy the wife has just bought me a beast of a light for night riding. An exposure six pack with a maximum claimed 1800 lumens out the front. I am glad it is my fortieth as it brings the best presents. I cant wait to test it.
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    Best road biking light for darkness

    For a self contained take off at the other end and put in your pocket option I would recommend the Hope Visios one I use one off road and it is great.