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  1. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired MJP Protos

    Two MJP Protos FS. Both bare AL, mint. 1. Quad AA Proto 4 emitters, max. 900 lumens, 3-stage driver, ONLY single AA battery (not rechargeable cel), 2-piece AL body, GITD o-ring under the lens, 2nd tailcap included, $175 shipped US. 2. Mega Micro Proto 16340 powered, single emitter XM-L2 U4...
  2. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Tain Hyperlux 3-Piece, Mint

    Offering this at the crazy low price of $850, PayPal, shipped priority in the US. Completely flawless, mint condition. See link for more details. Paid $1300. ****SOLD****...
  3. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired WTB: Gatlights

    I’m your guy. Hit me up!
  4. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo LunaSol 27

    ***SOLD***Mint McGizmo LS 27, $500 shipped US via PayPal G&S, SOLD.
  5. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired WTB: McGizmo LS20

    My on-again off-again love affair with the LS20 continues.....looking to own one yet again. PP funds are stacked and ready to fire.....
  6. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: Brass TX Lumens Mechanic

    Withdrawn: Texas Lumens Brass TLSA9 Mechanic, 18650, 6500-7000K, triple emitter, 3 mode, mint condition, built like a brick shithouse- very thick walls on all parts, amazing threading, double o-rings, withdrawn.
  7. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: Strong Lights Brass Rollbar

    Brass Roll Bar from Strong Lights, as new, complete with both 18650 and 18350 bodies, box and card. Untapped for clip, latest electronics: Mtn 1700m driver, 5000k, black boot, green glow gasket. Withdrawn.
  8. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Ti VME Head + Brass RPM Body & Tail

    For sale: these 3 parts. No light engine (host only). Will not split. Cost on these parts: $150 for the Ti VME Head, $54 for the brass RPM clickie tail, $54 for the brass RPM body = total of $258. Selling the set for $205 shipped US. ***SOLD***
  9. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn: MJP Bare AL Protos

    Withdrawn: two prototype complete lights from MJP. First one is the Quad AA Proto: Specs: - 4 emitters - max. 900 Lumen (with Varta Energizer battery) - 3-stage driver - ONLY single AA battery (not rechargeable cell) - 2-piece body aluminum - GitD o-ring under the lens - 2nd tailcap included...
  10. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Two Jetbeam Jet Ti M-R2’s

    SOLD: a pair of Jetbeam Jet Ti M-R2’s. This was the first Ti model from Jetbeam and was designed as their military model, made from 6AL-4V Ti. Even the clicky tail is Ti. Heavy duty, built well. 18650-powered. $150 each shipped in the US, SOLD.
  11. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Laulima Metal Craft Tumbled Brass Todai

    ***SOLD*** Brand new Laulima Metal Craft Tumbled Brass Todai with custom waves clip. Triple emitter, Dragon driver V3, 219c 4000k, green secondary, 18350-powered. Absolutely perfect condition. Includes all extras, including padded Laulima case, birth certificate, and Dragon driver...
  12. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired WTB: Spy 007 GG

    Want to buy a Spy 007 Gunner Grip. Thank you.
  13. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Muyshondt Turned Ti Beagle, Mint

    FS: mint Muyshondt Turned Ti Beagle. $410 shipped in the US ***SOLD***
  14. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: ReyLight Dawn Ti 17 Trit Version

    SOLD: mint ReyLight Dawn Ti with body extension piece. $275 shipped US, SOLD.
  15. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo LS20

    Recently picked up two of these; kept one, selling one. This one has a dead trit in the piston and currently sports a removable gold filter under the lens. Very good condition, works perfectly. Priced to move at $475 PP goods and services, US shipping included, SOLD.
  16. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired BOTH SOLD: 2 ReyLight Dawns (Ti and Cu)

    FS: a couple of brand new ReyLight Dawns, both completely built out with trits. The Ti has nine multi-colored trits around the head and a green and a purple in the tailswitch. Both are Nichia and both have their additional matching body tubes that will allow you to use either an 18350 or an...
  17. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired BOTH SOLD: Pair of Mac Brass Knurly Triples

    Two Mac Brass Knurly Triple 18350s, mint, clipless and clip hole-free, 6000k Tri-XPG2, 3 mode. $525 each shipped US. ***BOTH SOLD***
  18. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Brass LunaLights Flux

    FS: Selling a few duplicates, all mint. 1. Mac Brass Knurly Triple, clipless and clip hole-free, 6000k Tri-XPG2, 837 lumens using AW 18350 (not included), three modes, WITHDRAWN. 2. LunaLights Flux 350 Triple, Dr Jones H17F driver with Nichia 4k LED, 18350 cell (not included), McClicky switch...
  19. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired WTB: McGizmo Ti - Whatcha Got?

    Looking to put one back in my collection again. PP ready. Thank you. EDIT: looking for McGizmo Ti - interested in any and all. Let me know what you have. Particularly interested in the PD and Aqua series. Would like to get an AquaRam again in the collection.
  20. arewethereyetdad

    Sold/Expired WTB: Gatlight SS V2

    Looking for Gatlight Stainless Steel version 2. PP ready. Thank you.