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    Streamlight Protac Hl USB first look

    Wow...Streamlight has made a badass light. It's a beast. Overbuilt to say the least. LED: XML2 Power: Streamlight 74175, same cell used in the Strion. Can also take an 18650 or two 123's. Note: the 18650 is not chargeable in the light. Glass window! Programmable (Streamlight tentap). Recharged...
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    Streamlight Stinger LiIon battery now available.

    Streamlight has just released a 2200MAH li-ion battery stick that fits in the Stinger series of lights. Interestingly, it uses the normal or fast charge charging cradles. I'm guessing they are using an 18650, but in a physical shell to fit the Stingers. Overall, pretty cool update. It's part...
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    New Streamlight Stinger and Strion upgrades

    The Lumen Wars continue... Streamlight has announced upgrades to the Stinger and Strion: Stinger HL: 640 Lumens/22,000 Candela Strion HL: 500 Lumens/10,000 Candela Probably both will use a XM-L, similar to the Pro-Tac HL. -dan
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    Streamlight Polytac

    There aren't many budget polymer LED lights from the major manufacturers, other than Surefire's G2. Streamlight has just introduced their new Polytac line using "C4" technology (it's also available in Incan models). Streamlight's advertised Specs: --120 Lumen output; 108 lumens at 2 hours, 12...
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    Leatherman LGX200 is a Fenix rebrand...

    Ran into this light as a bundle pack at Costco, with a Leatherman Blast multi-tool (good tool, BTW). Item# 831076 The LGX-200 appears to be a re-badged Fenix (or from the same factory?), as the electronic appear the same, the parts are interchangeable, etc. Cool factor, though, is that it's...
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    Streamlight SuperTac has arrived

    What a weird light. Streamlight took the body of the TL series and connected it to a turbo head (that incorporates a massive heatsink). GOOD: --Streamlight quality vs. price. --FANTASTIC switch. Easy for momentary, but needs a good pushing for constant on. Probably the best clickie I've felt...
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    NEW Inova T3...quick overview.

    I picked up a newest version Inova T3. GOOD: --Amazing output. At least double as compared the second generation T3 (3 cell, reflector K2). Output, for comparison, flood is equal to a Fenix T1, with a nice hotspot that transitions into a tight middle, though not as focused as a T1 or TIR based...
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    Details on the 7060 (LAPD) light kit....from Pelican! PT.2

    Since this light is now trickling into public paws, I closed the original thread and started this one, for people's observations/discussion, etc. --dan.
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    Pointers to lights of interest, new discoveries, etc

    This is a master thread whose sole purpose is to allow CPF Members to post a link to an interesting light found on the WWW or in a brick 'n morter store. By posting your interesting findings, here, it will allow less clutter in the other forums. Why this thread: Over the last several months...
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    New brand: Brite Strike I dunno...if it sounds too good to be the old saying goes. -dan
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    LAPD's new flashlight

    Chief Bratton has decided that the LAPD needs a propretary designed light, so they turned to Pelican, designated model 7060. I haven't seen pics, yet, but it is an LED with a momentary tail cap switch AND a body on-off clickie switch and Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Looks like it's a nylon...
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    Don't post any more links to the flashlight burning newspaper

    Please, no more of the You Tube/Think Geek movies with the modded mag burning the newspaper. There's a thread already posted about it, and the duplicate postings are too much. This is the original thread: thanks.
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    Stinger 3watt from Streamlight

    I had an inside word about this light almost two years ago, but it was hushed-up by S.L. Here it is: What's interesting is Streamlight's continued use of Nicd cells, probably for...
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    Evergreen CR-123 cells: Test graphs inside

    Currently available thru. TADGear, I picked-up a bunch of the Evergreen CR-123 cells. Physically, they appear to be similar to other Chinese cells (i.e. Batterystation, Titanium, etc). Here's three graphs with the Evergreen and compared to the most popular cells. Disregard the first line in...
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    Inova X and T series lights, listing

    Here's a quick listing of Inova's X and T series. The numbering can get confusing. INOVA X series and T series lights 1. Original X5 --one piece body, turned head to activate. --2 cell; CR-123 batteries --Fluted aluminum body --Only came in white LED's (as far as I know) 2. X5t (now known as...
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    R.O.P. Roar of the Pelican mini-FAQ/master thread

    Hola peeps, dano here. I figure that there's a lot of questions about this semi-mod. So, to assist, here's a sticky for the ROP, with a caveat---> Please keep it simple and to-the-point so the newer members can follow along. Here's a basic page/info...
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    R.O.P. Roar of the Pelican mini-FAQ II

    Hola peeps, dano here. I figure that there's a lot of questions about this semi-mod. So, to assist, here's a sticky for the ROP, with a caveat---> Please keep it simple and to-the-point so the newer members can follow along. Here's a basic page/info...
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    LED Radiation warning labels

    I picked-up Streamlight's new weapon light, a TLR-1. Inside the instruction book is a warning that the 3 watt LED has "LED Radiation; calss 2/max output <5mW with a wavelength approx. 450-550nm." There's some info regarding LED standards and Laser light standards, especially in the EU. I...
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    Please read re: SHOT Show News....

    In the Flashaholics/TraddeSHows Forum, there's a thread for SHOT Show News, reviews, etc. Please, don't start new threads all over the board. Post in that thread SHOT related/light related info. Please, also, no diatribes, just news... --dan
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    The Great Internet Light Bulb Book, Part I

    The Great Internet Light Bulb Book, Part I --dan