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  1. Reid

    Pgs. Ten through Thirteen offer excellent throw
  2. Reid

    Cygolite Expilion 250

    What? Where from? Your local bike shop (consult local merchants), or: Why? I like to ride streets when some lanes are dark, not just in lightning and daylight. ______ ________ Why this...
  3. Reid

    Flashlight makers, please listen up? SILVER

    The basic message is here: I just don't have the energy anymore to argue against nickle and steel and gold plate advocates. Springs should be of phosphor bronze, heavily silver plated. Contacts should be heavily...
  4. Reid

    the orphaned squirrel

    Fallen from the nest in the palm high above, onto the pavement back of my home, his siblings are dead and his mother is gone. As Found As Fed As Fond
  5. Reid

    Eyes Confused? (choose the right doctor in emergency)

    Just read the stickied thread atop this forum. 16 year old had blasted one of his eyes with a low powered green laser. He waffled and worried for days, afraid to tell his parents. Then days later he finally went to what he termed, an optician, :ohgeez:who, of course, did not even know what a...
  6. Reid

    carbon arc = true white light

    Edit, Nov. 2: new video See the flame ------ Many of you will know about arc lights already. But not the general public, no! I'd never had one before so I bought the device from ebay last month. Here is the YouTube video made of the thing the...
  7. Reid

    Your Antique Flashlights in Review

    Hey, collectors collect old relics too! Proposed: photograph and review your old or antique flashlights. Look into them for their technical details. is a fine resource for pictures of old torches/flashlights. No matter that they warehouse thousands of...
  8. Reid

    "The Freshlight"

    (original photo essay for CPF) At Ace Hardware store in South Miami Florida, 10/May/07
  9. Reid

    is silver plate found in many flashlights?

    I'm new here. A casual search did not turn up the answer. Is silver plate found in many flashlights? If not, why not? Why, for instance, do I see gold plated springs in the two Cree lights that I recently bought? Why gold? Don't the Chinese know of silver's singular virtue? It's also...

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