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    Will it set a bug on fire?

    Information unlimited sells plans or kits to build what is essentially a portable ruby pulse laser - delivers something like 500 joules in the infrared, with a 20-30 second recharge between shots (to charge up the massive bank of capacitors needed to fire the xenon flash tube). It says it runs...
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    Supercapacitors for the ultimate portable laser gun/burner?

    I commented on the 4nm difference in my post. I'm really interested in whether my math is right.
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    Supercapacitors for the ultimate portable laser gun/burner?

    Interesting idea - you would only need the the KTP crystal too - the Nd:YVO4 crystal is only there to take 808nm IR from the diode down to 1064nm, and then the KTP halves that to green 532nm. The rod puts out IR at 1.06 microns, or 1060nm - only 4nm off. I wonder if the KTP would respond to...
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    Supercapacitors for the ultimate portable laser gun/burner?

    Has anyone very built one of these: (from the Information Unlimited website) A Futuristic Concept! Laser Ray Gun Laser Gun - A prelude to a weapon of the future - the technology is here! Now Available - hand held, battery operated, 500 joules of pulse energy produce an intense burst of...
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    supercontinuum white light laser

    Re: Do white lasers exist? No, it isn't, it is all visible colors blended together - use a prism to refract true white light (use the sun for example) and you get a spectrum (rainbow). If white were truely a blend of only red, green and blue, that is all you would see- red, green and blue...
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    Dealextreme 50 Mw laser

    Well, mine just came. Only had a chance to try it with the no-name alkaline AAAs that came with. I can see the beam in the dark, and the dot is fantastic. I don't have any balloons or black trash bags readily available, but I can't feel any heat on my fingers. Given that I don't have any safety...
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    Dealextreme 50 Mw laser

    Well, mine has shipped. We'll see in 10 days to two weeks...
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    Laser virtual keyboard

    Oooh - my first computer - it had a whole kilobyte of memory, but I upgraded it with the add-on pack that took it to 16K - you read that right 16kb. What would anyone need 16Kb for in a home computer? Umm, My grocery list maybe? Printed on that neat silver printer paper? aah, the nostalgia...
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    DX shipping options

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to order my first DX laser (probably the cheap 50), and the not says not to use EMS shipping, if there is a chance of confiscation. What is EMS shipping, and is that my only option if I want free shipping as offered? -Keith
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    Green Laser Has DPD Pilots Seeing Red

    Pointing a laser at an airplane (or any other moving vehicle for that matter) is what I refer to as "Felony Stupid"
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    CD burner diodes to handheld laser

    So theoretically an infrared laser is going to be better for burning things, but I need eye protection. Hmm. OK, maybe I'll hold out for a dvd burner.
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    CD burner diodes to handheld laser

    OK, someone (please) walk me through this. I have a sony cd-burner that I pulled from my computer when I upgraded to a DVD burner. I gather from other posts that I can pull the diode from this and use it to make a hand held laser. I've been looking at old posts, but can someone put it all in...
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    AtlasNova vs. DealExtreme

    Dealextreme has just listed a 50mW green for $26: So. I've been following this thread for a while now, and I'm hoplessly confused. 1: do DX greens have an IR filter or not? 2: are they actually a good deal or not? $26 for a 50mW seems good...
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    Greenie Heals Cuts...Say what?

    I was browsing the Wicked website, and there was something on there about using 55mW and above lasers to "heal open cuts" (with "doctor's permission"). I assume that this is more accurately "Cauterize open cuts." Red is the opposite of green, so blood must absorb most of the energy from the...

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