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  1. WarRaven

    Lost Junk, found a pleasant surprise.

    Hey all!☺ I was given a flashlight some time ago by a great supervisor I had. It was small, black an LED, it had a fresh Alkaleak in it and seemed to work OK. My supervisor had more, so I took it as to not offend them. He knew I liked lights though a non flashaholic giving to one, was an odd...
  2. WarRaven

    Have you ever scorched anyone's night vision accidentally?

    One night not too long ago, the son, wife and myself were heading to creek to walk trails. My son has a Fenix PD35, and Olight M22 on him, the wife, has another Fenix PD35 and a Olight M21X. And myself using a Nitecore MH20, Olight S30RII, few small Fenix lights and a Olight Javelot M3XS-UT...
  3. WarRaven

    Olight 3200 18650 2015 Style

    I just got some of these new style built 18650 from Olight. Maybe this is old hat already but this is to my liking. With the PCB up top there's no strip on side and cell is uniform. It's all up top and hidden, vent holes too. Pretty safe to say it's just hidden and not anything more. I have...
  4. WarRaven


    I was wanting to look at something a couple times recently in a dark street and having lots of lights makes it easy to light it up and view your target let's say. Though, if you're wanting to be a bit discreet about it, it's near impossible to fire 1000 lumens level to the ground and not light...
  5. WarRaven

    AR lenses... And me.

    They drive me up wall, it's just like oleophobic coatings. Always attracts finest lint particles and dust, and some look greasy. Fenix, I'm looking at you, I really dislike your AR lenses. On my other lights like Olight, if I carnauba the lens, it's evident. I just like it OK, phones, tablets...
  6. WarRaven

    Sold/Expired WTT: Surefire E1L an E2L

    Hi, I've two Surefires in decent shape for trade. These are older KL1 heads on both, TIR etc. Rubber button cover on E1L is worn smooth, but that is worst of appearance, these are Z57 switches I believe, both in good shape. I want to trade for single AA or AAA lights, one for one type of...