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  1. BlueBeam22

    Looking for a thrower to keep in my car

    If you're okay with a rechargeable light, look at the Stanley FatMax 755/2000 lumen 10 watt LED spotlight $50 from Lowe's or Walmart. From all of my experience with it, I believe is the most powerful LED thrower you can buy from a regular offline store at a budget price range. It will provide...
  2. BlueBeam22

    Recommendation for a Decent Thrower

    Krypton, the Defiant 3D ArmorMax 590 lumen LED light fits every single one of your criteria without fail. This light has the following: A reverse tail clicky, tubular style for holster carry, 3 modes, several hours runtime at a decent output level, and superb heatsinking for long usage...
  3. BlueBeam22

    need flashlight suggestions

    Rayovac 2 AA Industrial Indestructible 100 lumen LED $20 from Home Depot. A great thrower.
  4. BlueBeam22

    My ideal light would be

    Go for the Defiant 5C Tactical 625 lumen LED light $25 from home depot. Perfect combination of throw and flood, as well as being the brightest tubular style flashlight you can go into a store and buy at regular offline retail outlets. It will run just great on regular alkalines or rechargeable C...
  5. BlueBeam22

    Need a recommendation for halogen replacement...

    I agree with Norm. I own the Ryobi Xenon High Beam as well as a Cyclops Thor 15MCP halogen spotlight, and the Ryobi, while being only a third of the size, is exponentially brighter than the 15 mcp and blows it away visually. $50 for the light, $40 for the cheapest one+ battery, and should be...
  6. BlueBeam22

    house light

    Consider the 6AA Coleman 500 lumen CT-50 Ultra High Power LED flashlight from Walmart, $50. This light is highly regarded and has been reviewed by many, and will give you the absolute maximum in power and throw for your criteria and application.
  7. BlueBeam22

    Duracell DayLite Tough 4xAA 80 Lumen 3 Watt LED Spotlight REVIEW

    Thank you very much, ANDREAS FERRARI. I have never seen these at Walmart however you certainly can't go wrong with this LED spotlight IMO.
  8. BlueBeam22

    Duracell DayLite Tough 4xAA 80 Lumen 3 Watt LED Spotlight REVIEW

    For submission in the Reviews forum: I recently received the Duracell Daylite LED spotlight as a gift from family and I am extremely pleased with it. Here are a few specifications about this light... Beam type: Wide, concentrated spot of light that is uniformly bright with little to no...
  9. BlueBeam22

    Polarion Night Reaper (CSWL)

    Patriot, I really enjoyed your set of beamshots on the last page of this thread. It is great to see the Costco shining at that tower compared to the others, and its super tight beam is very impressive as always. Great videos too! vee73, those were very nice shots. They do an extremely good job...
  10. BlueBeam22

    DEFT vs. Tiablo A9 Aspheric and Dereelight DBS Aspheric

    Just so you know, the DEFT is far beyond the throw of a Tiablo A9 Aspheric or Dereelight DBS Aspheric. There is no other handheld LED flashlight or aspheric that will approach the power of the DEFT in terms of throw. It is well out of your $200 price range, however. Here is a very good thread...
  11. BlueBeam22

    SunForce 25 Million Candlepower HID Rechargeable Spotlight

    I know exactly what you mean about how its beam looks in the night sky. It is like a blue laser of light that goes up forever and looks kind of like an advertising searchlight when viewed from close up. I am very glad to hear you are so impressed with yours. I don't have a beamshot at this...
  12. BlueBeam22

    SunForce 25 Million Candlepower HID Rechargeable Spotlight

    Thank you for the update ScottFHall, your photos are very nice and so is your additional fan. Please do post updates if you decide to modify it with your 100W sodium HID lamp. I would be interested to see whether that makes a thrower or more of a flood light. DM51, I truly appreciate your kind...
  13. BlueBeam22

    Happy birthday Beam

    I apologize for how late my reply to this thread is; I hope you had a happy birthday Beamhead!
  14. BlueBeam22

    Stanley H.I.D. and 1365 lumen spotlights (Part 2)

    For a wow factor light, consider the Professional's Favorite 20+ million candlepower spotlight for $60 from Advance Auto. Easily out throws the Stanley HID and blows away the 2M Series. As far as smaller HIDs go I recommend the Titanium Innovations N30; others will be able to recommend even...
  15. BlueBeam22

    Ok what light did you get for Christmas/Holiday ?

    LED Lenser T7 Duracell Daylite 2C Duracell Daylite Tough 4AA LED spotlight
  16. BlueBeam22

    SunForce 25 Million Candlepower HID Rechargeable Spotlight

    Amazing photos and beamshots, ScottFHall! Thank you very much for posting them and posting your impressions on it. Looking at how tight its beam is in your sky shot tells me that the new style should be at least as good a thrower as the original yellow one. I love my SunForce and hope you get a...
  17. BlueBeam22

    Vector HID spotlight

    Nanomiser, thanks for the update and I hope you like your light. It would be great to hear about how you find its performance once you get to test it. ANDREAS FERRARI, this light is certainly a top choice! Do keep in mind that it will not be brighter than your POB light, however. If you do get...
  18. BlueBeam22

    Help me pick a $40 Amazon light

    If size is not a factor, the Dorcy 220 lumen rechargeable is one light I highly recommend. It comes with its own battery that charges within the light using either of its two chargers (standard AC and car chargers).
  19. BlueBeam22

    A look at a HID bulb that is on (Photos).

    Terrific photos, HKJ - they turned out just perfect. It is quite a novelty to see what the arc looks like in your second photo, and I am very impressed by the excellent job you did with the stepped down exposure for that shot. Thanks for going to the effort and posting this!
  20. BlueBeam22

    Xmas light suggestion needed

    The Cyclops Thor X Sirius uses a rechargeable 6 volt sealed lead acid battery that simply charges within the light. The light has a port on the back to plug either its standard 120V wall charger or 12V DC car charger into the back of the light, and a red indicator light will illuminate until the...