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    Fenix BT30R. Hopefully Santa can read English, and not just Elfish ...
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    Klaruslight KLARUS Mi7 COLOURFUL Giveaway!

    Mi7, I love the Bright Silver most. Nice colours!
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    Klaruslight KLARUS XT1C Giveaways!

    XT1C, Bright Choices, Brilliant Prizes!
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    Market Promotion PartII

    T20CC Lucky Draw Thanks.
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    Market Promotion PartII

    "C23C Lucky Draw" "T25C Lucky Draw" "T26C Lucky Draw" Thank you.
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    Market Promotion PartII

    M25C Ti Lucky Draw
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    Sunwayman D80a low lumens?

    I have this light, which is beautiful, but on low it runs for 26 hours on standard Eneloops, and the output is more like 100 lumens. It is rated as 33 lumens for 18 hours, which I think is half the runtime of many lights with 4 AA batteries on a similar output. Anyone done any measurements?
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    Sunwayman Service, a thank you

    My M40a XML light failed a month ago, despite being in perfect cosmetic condition. The seller, Worldfusion/Worldzone UK, ignored my emails. So I contacted Sunwayman, sent the light to China, and it came back in perfect condition, not a mark on the casing. It looks like they serviced the rotary...
  9. L Light Diffusion Film (LDF)

    CPF user PhaserBurn has pointed out that D-C-Fix does a good job. This is known to people of a certain age in the UK as sticky back plastic. Cheap and effective. I bought some in the CPF market palce, but ebay has it too.
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    Thrunite Neutron Series (XM-L) 1C, 2C, 1A, 2A Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS and more!

    It does look odd. The Neutrons have a slightly narrower spill, but a wider brighter hot spot, but they don't look bright enough in those fonarik images.
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    USA (made/assembled) Flashlights

    :laughing: I only ever buy English torches, and avoid all that foreign crap. For some reason I keep bumping into objects at night. When someone English starts making lights, could they tell me please. Yeah, there is a lot of chauvinism/pride here among US members, but why not, it's not a bad...
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    led lenser?

    LED Lenser seem to divide people on this forum. My subjective view is that there is better for the money. The light you mention uses 4 AAA cells. Assuming LSD NiMH cells such as Eneloop, each has 800 mAh giving a total energy available of 3200 mAh. Were you to choose a 2 AA light, you would have...
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    True story - Surefire saved me... no, not my life, dude...

    I doubt the world economy would collapse and burn. The last crisis was due in large part to bad debt originating in America but distributed world wide. All that would happen is that America would become less competitive, and/or you would no longer be able to consume as much fuel as you do.
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    Lights made out of alternative metals

    I looked it up and strictly speaking it is AlON, and it is akin to sapphire. I guess it would be almost scratch proof as per sapphire. I suppose you could line it with a metal inner tube, perhaps gold plated for cosmetic reasons. Otherwise you would be viewing the battery and other innards, and...
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    New Fenix XM-L flashlights - TK21, TK41 and TK70

    Astonishing I know, but there other brands of LSD cell too, and they also do not show a memory effect, at least the small sample I tried didn't.
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    Lights made out of alternative metals

    Those look incredible. I certainly would never use it for real, it would be a waste of the workmanship. In my opinion it belongs in a case on display.
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    Surefire 2011 Inflation

    They are simply following a rational business strategy. They know that some people will always buy Chinese lights in preference to Surefire, so they want a cut of the action. And they are probably targeting different markets anyway. It is quite common for manufacturers to have luxury brands...
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    Surefire 2011 Inflation

    I was not in the least bit offended, they are only tools, I was just curious to find out why you believe what you do. I cannot comment on reliability since I am not aware of any reliable surveys of users, or information on returns from dealers. I suspect one reason for the US army using SF...
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    Surefire 2011 Inflation

    Okay, so that was a subjective opinion with no proof. There is a difference between anecdote, and a proper survey. When you say "but I do believe members on this forum that state that SF type II to be more durable than some chinese type III", I am sure everyone agrees with you. A lot of Chinese...
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    In Praise of Underloved Aluminum

    I like the natural aluminium colour, and my silver and blue maglites still look nice. Okay the type II anodising is not as thick or hard as type III, but type II does not chip, and in my book the slight scratches it picks up are not a problem. Frankly type II is as good as type III in my...

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