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  1. Tac Gunner

    Current charger/analyzer options

    Haven't been nearly as active in the flashlight world as I used to be and am not up to speed with what charger/analyzers are available. My Optus BT-C3100 finally bit the dust this morning (luckily not in a dramatic fashion) so I am looking for a replacement. So far I have been eyeballing the...
  2. Tac Gunner

    Fenix Fenix Store are you still here?

    I haven't seen much at all in the way of interactions the past few months. Do we even still have a rep here from Fenix Store? No response to my thread about the HM65R Superraptor, no announcement of nee lights no announcement about the updated YouTube videos, no SHOT show coverage, kind of...
  3. Tac Gunner

    Fenix We need the Fenix HM65R SUPERAPTOR!

    I just came across this on BLF when reading a review about the HM65R. This SUPERRAPTOR version, available only in Finland, has constant current regulation, daylight LEDS, and a bit different mode spacing. The main thing I'm interested in is the constant current regulation, I much prefer this...
  4. Tac Gunner

    What is the longest you have carried the same EDC light?

    I am curious how many of you have been carrying the same EDC lights for several years? I have been csrrying the same two lights everyday for since spring of 2017, 2.5yrs. I have looked at a slew of other lights as possible replacements but these two have been thru hell and back, taking way more...
  5. Tac Gunner

    Welcome to the Forums!

    Glad to see you guys have setup a manufacturer's account. I have always liked Eagletac lights for the options given.
  6. Tac Gunner

    New Acebeam X45, four XHP70

    Saw this on their website, not much information yet. I'm going to guess the 13,800 lumens is OTF and 16,500 lumens is the LED lumens?
  7. Tac Gunner

    Flashlight lessons learned from my caving trip today

    Ok to start with I don't have any pictures from the trip that shows anything flashlight related. I know that is a bummer but I got so caught up in exploring the cave I forgot to take any pictures until we were half way back to the vehicle. I had planned to take some beam shots but once we got...
  8. Tac Gunner

    Anyone ever heard of or used Atlas46 tool storage products?

    Came across these guys a while ago and keep eyeing their products. I really like their wrench roll up organizers and the vests they offer. The Journeyman Apron with cargo pockets looks like it would be perfect for the type of mechanic/fabrication work I do and hopefully I can pick one up before...
  9. Tac Gunner

    Fenix Can you guys explain what this means?

    Fenix Worldwide posted on their FB the other day about a conference they had at Fenix headquarters to kick off the 15th anniversary celebration. I commented suggesting now would be a good time to mention more moonlight mode options and I was given this reply. Any idea what exactly this mean...
  10. Tac Gunner

    Do you have a flashlight grab-and-go box/bag?

    I am working on trying to set me up a case or bag that is basically just a flashlight grab-and-go case. I just finished a two week project rewiring a semi truck and was constantly using my lights. I wore my headlamp the whole time I was working and was having to switch batteries out every other...
  11. Tac Gunner

    Mountain Electronics Mega M6 Flood 9,000+ OTF lumens

    Anyone else seen this? Just saw it posted this morning and am pretty excited to read future reviews. No doubt it will be a hand burner and won't sustain output for long but it's still pretty impressive to me. I know Vinh has some pop can mods making this or more but not in this price range...
  12. Tac Gunner

    Has anyone heard of Factor Equipment?

    Just got an email from them today about being a new company building quality products. So far they only show lights in their website but they look good.
  13. Tac Gunner

    Does anyone else wonder why Eagletac does not have a presence on CPF?

    I was thinking about this the other day while in their website. For the most part they do a really good job at staying up to speed with current market trends as well as offering a wide variety of options but there are times it would be nice to just drop them a suggestion or be able to stay up...
  14. Tac Gunner

    New FourSevens lights from 2016 SHOT SHOW

    I know a lot of people may not be interested in the Bluetooth lights but I have to say I am. I wouldn't trust them as my one and only emergency, life saving light but for general tasks I think they would be handy. The only downside I see is they don't look like they are neutral tint. I also...
  15. Tac Gunner

    Will there be new AA lights soon?

    I was looking for a basic AA light in NW the other day and remember your archer series. Went to look at them and discovered the only archer listed is the 1xAA in CW. Will there be a new line of AA lights coming out? Don't own any Thrunites yet but wouldn't mind adding some for a simple to use...
  16. Tac Gunner

    Where would our hobby be without the internet?

    Does anyone ever wonder if we would have so many options available, if improvements and upgrades would be so quick, if there would be more than Surefire, Maglite, and Streamlight, or if we would have hand held lights pushing more than 14k lumens if we did not have the internet? I understand we...
  17. Tac Gunner

    Batteries for a weapon light

    I'm looking for a weapon light for my 20 gauge shotgun and after researching it seems I should first figure out what battery type to use and then search for a light so I find myself here lol. First off I am familiar with nimh, lithium rechargeable, and lithium primaries and currently use all of...
  18. Tac Gunner

    What lights are on your purchasing radar?

    Just curious as to what everyone is looking at getting. I'm always looking and shopping but hardly ever buy anything lol. I enjoy reading about the new lights and researching lights for a specific role as much as I do using them. Anyways here is my to buy list when I do start buying again (well...
  19. Tac Gunner

    Here is a pretty good and simple explanation on candela

    Here is a pretty good video from Elzetta explaining candela. I know TEEJ does a great job at explaining lumens, lux, and candela and most of us flashaholics can understand it, but maybe there are new guys who are struggling with the technical jargon or maybe you have a friend you are struggling...
  20. Tac Gunner

    *Update now SX30L2DR* Does anyone know what the Eagletac SX30C2 is?

    I was checking Eagletac's website to see if there were any new products and under the S series tab I see the regular lights in the series and one I've not seen before, the SX30C2. The thumbnail picture shows it is broken and the link gives a 404 warning. The SX25L2 link next to it has a broken...

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