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    headlamp emitter

    i bought this headlamp off ebay.. its says 5 watt but it seems more like a 3 watt to me.. having noticed certain trends by sellers there i suspect it is probably is just 3. it has 3 modes but i dont know that it has a "driver" just one fully encased chip...
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    LCD backlight LED conversion

    i saw a kit for replacing the backlight in a notebook with an LED strip so now i'm interested in doing it on the cheap. was wondering whats the best strip light product for that..
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    upgrade oldstyle lights & reflector science q's

    hello candlepower doods, long time..been away. i have a couple of these i bought for $10 each on ebay after getting a great clearance deal on a Skil 18 LI-IOn drill and saw set. I have purchased an 18v Cree Q5 "drop-in" with the intent of...
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    would's 5 minute super stregth epoxy be suitable for attaching Luxeon leds to a heatsink. i dont want to spend double or triple that if i dont have to. my light projects are way over budget now and overkill it seems since i got a couple luxeon flashlights at Lowes for $2.50...
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    chinese "POLICE" xenon

    was wondering if anyone knows if my 18650 Li-Ion cells would fit in the tube. was thinking of converting one to Luxeon rechargeable.
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    need LED resistor help the red ones in the photo are like 3mm and the rest yellow and green seem to be a tiny 1mm? so i'm wondering what the volt requirements are to calculate the resistors needed. i know some leds are as low as 1.8v so i dont want to cook...
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    cordless drill or saw voltage

    theres no semis or ICs inside these right? If i mod a 12v pack to a 9.6v makita should just give it a turbocharge power boost right..? oh.oh oh
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    Li-Ion safety cap DIY

    i'm a big noob so if theres flaws in this plan please tell me. i'm planning a safety cap for my unprotected 18650 Li-Ions. Attaching a so called protection board to the end add as much danger as it prevents. the board is asking to get broken if used in a flashlight its bound to happen.. needs a...
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    CGR18650HG cells scavenged from medical pack

    I got interested in Lithium and recently aquired a dead medical pack. It has 20 Li-Ion cells or DID rather as i have pried them all out from the pack they were all glued into, these are LG CRG18650HG.. the worst ones i think are here in the...
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    soldering techniques wanted

    2 (of many)things i dont really know how to do. one is repaiing /soldering chains of battery pack cells, which are mig welded together or something to replace bad cells. i'm thinking either torch soldering or slicing a strip of that cut welded tab to insert into a female spade / slide lug and...
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    UPS "gel" cells and charging while in-use

    been thinking of a way to reduce all the wall-wart supplies i use by a single household DC power supply and lately thinking a UPS is the answer but i'm no expert by far so i want opinions.. can't i just tap the 12v battery to supply smoke detectors and eliminate those expensive little 9v...
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    automatic external defibrilator battery

    automatic external defibrilator AED does anyone know what kind of battery packs these use? someone offered me a dead one and i know nothing of it...waiting to hear a model number but described as "not just nicad" and 'about 8 x 2.5" 4 contacts one being 5v he also mentioned li-ion or...
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    "gel" cell for a flashlight battery

    I have this 12v "gel" cell from a UPS i was thinking of using for a LED work / emergency light. it almost slides all way into my 6v hand lantern but i was thinking of slapping it onto my Black and Decker Firestorm light, its almost same size, to save my batteries for the tools. just not sure...
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    This is a required orientation before going on to LED-101 to familiarize you with LEDs , this forum and to get your books and assigned seating. ..just kidding. my question is about LED positioning and if theres any adavantage to using a convex /concave surface like this dish strainer...
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    overdrive White LED XtraBright 5mm 40000mcd ? QQcmdZViewItem was wondering if anyone is overdiving these.. i guess i sohuld have bought the brighter ones but someone recomended these... wondering what i can get away with etc. any ideas on heatsinking these lens type. is LEAD a good conductor? i...
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    how to drive 18v Black&Decker light? i was going to put 4 LEDs and a resistor but was reading that drivers can add alot to battery runtime.. can someone help me pick a TexasInstruments product since i have an account. I dont really know ICs...
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    is this any good?

    my electronics knowledge is really limited so i'm asking opinions to help me build some flashlights from junk i have here at minimal cost. here is an ancient 12v laptop battery from a Zenith Data Systems 8088 processor ...
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    small florescent lights.

    the small AC powered one that use tubes a bit larger than pencils.. i bought one to use a mechanic light but the tube falls out.. are those DC power? the tube i mean.. i had a battery one used a similar size tube.. anyway wanted to know if its a good LED conversion candidate.
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    more noob questions how to pick LEDs for flashlights

    5/9/2006 i bought these LEDs i got screwed on the free resistors tho. the first light i need to repair is my 18v Black and Decker 5 lights in series is 3.6v each so i only need to limit the current correct? can someone help me with...