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  1. Theatre Booth Guy

    Keep2Go Picked up a few of the big version from the Fenix Store. I was really looking for the small size but have not yet found a place to buy the smaller size. Pros: Strong - very thick and tough plastic Round bottom - slides easily into a pocket or pack Choice...
  2. Theatre Booth Guy

    Duracell AA NiMh 2400 and 2650 mAh

    Just wanted to pass along that I now have two of the Duracell 15 minute chargers along with the 2,400 mAh cells that come with them. I've also purchased a couple sets of the 2,650 mAh Duracell brand AA's. The great news is that despite reading about high self-discharge rates for batteries of...
  3. Theatre Booth Guy

    Peak Baltic

    Opened the mailbox today and what to my wondering eyes should appear? An envelope from Peak LED Solutions!! Considering that it is a new model and basically seems custom at this point with the material, battery tube and output power choices, my wait of a week and a half seems very reasonable...

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