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  1. RobertMM

    Lumens Factory E-series head + Surefire 2-Stage Tail?

    Hey folks. I have an EDCL1T but I managed to acquire an EDCL2T body. I like lego-ing them but I'd really like to get a dedicated head for the 2T body. Seeing that Lumens Factory makes a lot of heads for the E series, anyone here have any idea if the single mode models will work with the...
  2. RobertMM

    G4 Halogen Bulb Wattage versus Runtime

    Hi all. I just got a NOS Solarforce L600 and noticed it has the 6 Volt 20 Watt G4 bulb in it. I enjoy it immensely and am thinking of getting 15 or even 10 Watt bulbs for it. Does anybody have any data on runtimes on these bulbs with two 18650 cell? I personally use 3500mAh and 3000 mAh cells.
  3. RobertMM

    Need Advice on Mag 3C Build for Runtime

    Hey guys, Seeing some members commented on the short runtime for the Tad's customs 2C Mag I saw on ebay, I'd like to get a bit of advice on what I have in mind as a budget build. Mag 3C+Maglite 6cell Xenon bi-pin bulb+2 3500mAh 18650s That's it. What I am after is longer runtime, I realize I...
  4. RobertMM

    TAD'S CUSTOMS 3C Maglite G4 Halogen 18650

    Anybody try these out? They come completelly built with these: A complete setup of flashlight mod: 1 Maglite 2C body X 1 2 G4 Halogen socket 3 Solid brass G4 socket base 4 Aluminum / smooth reflector 5 Multi-coated glass lens 6 Modified tailcap...
  5. RobertMM

    LedLenser AAA Intrinsic Lights: EX4 and IL4

    Anybody got these? Saw them at a B&M store. EX4 is 50 lumens for 7 hours on two AAA alkaline, and rated for use where potentially explosive atmospheres predominate. IL4 is same size, runs brighter at 80 lumens for 4 hours but has a lower safety rating, for use in environments where explosive...
  6. RobertMM

    Fenix SE10 Intrinsically Safe Light

    New for Fenix, for potentially explosive atmospheres. 6400cd for 100 lumens is quite throwy for the output. I just wish Fenix made it 4AA instead of 3AA. Maybe they'll also make a 2AA variant in the future as well?
  7. RobertMM

    Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340?

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a good cell for my E1DL. Anyone got these? Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340 rechargeable lithium ion battery. What can you say about them? I like the way they have the PTC on the anode, with no strip running from the cell's top to bottom.
  8. RobertMM

    XP-G2 Direct Drive off 1xCR123 or 2xAA?

    Hi all. I managed to source a few XP-G2 on copper sinkpads for a mod, and have some left over. Would these work fine on a fresh CR123A direct drive, with absolutely nothing to control current or voltage? Datasheet says 2.8-3.1volts. Any idea what kind of current the LED may see with this...
  9. RobertMM

    Streamlight Propolymer 2AA updated to 65 lumens

    Streamlight has finally upgraded the 20 lumen for 18 hr specs to 65 lumens for 24 hr (ANSI of course :) ). Great light for BOBs and around the house IMHO for non-flashaholics, but I also appreciate the ruggedness, safety rating,simplicity and inexpensiveness...
  10. RobertMM

    Energizer L91 now with 20 year Rating

    Hi everyone. I dropped by the drugstore after work today and noticed the expiration dates on new stocks of Energizer Ultimate Lithiums to be 2034, which indicates they were made this year. Probably just the same manufacturing process and capacity, just rated less conservatively as earlier ones...

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