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    Best rechargeable 123s?

    Drat. I know the P2D doesn't play well with rechargeables, but I thought the P3D was acceptable. I would love a Tiabolo A8 (or A9), or a Wolf-Eyes defender, or a Novatac 120p. can't afford them. Also, looking for an EDC, that kinda rules out the first two. Probably can't afford the P3D...
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    Best rechargeable 123s?

    I tried searching the forum, but I got way to many hits to figure this out. I'm planning on getting a P3D Q5, and I'd like to use rechargeable 123s in it. Fenix tactical is selling a Tenergy charger and 4 batteries, which would work well (2 in play, 2 charging etc.) I've never heard of...

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