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  1. RobertMM

    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    Still my trusty EDCL1T loaded with 850mAh Vapcell 16340.
  2. RobertMM

    Surefire EDCL1-T

    Used a new Vapcell 850mAh 16340 on my EDCL1T for a runtime test. From 4.19volts, I got 55minutes total on high (10minute runs, 5 minutes after 40minutes total elapsed time, checking voltage after each run then restarting as fast as I could put the battery back in and turn the light on on high)...
  3. RobertMM

    P60 bulbs brightness test

    Ampdude, you are absolutely right. I have labelled the sides of my P60 lamps, I put a small T, F or B on them with a marker. Throw, flood or "balanced". The best throwing ones are a joy to use when there is a bit of fog in the air.
  4. RobertMM

    Lumens Factory E-series head + Surefire 2-Stage Tail?

    Hey folks. I have an EDCL1T but I managed to acquire an EDCL2T body. I like lego-ing them but I'd really like to get a dedicated head for the 2T body. Seeing that Lumens Factory makes a lot of heads for the E series, anyone here have any idea if the single mode models will work with the...
  5. RobertMM

    Best or Better 21700 Battery?

    Look for something based on the Samsung 50E cell, as the cell Fenix includes or recommends seems to based on that base cell. I personally have two of those, awesome capacity and decent current capacity.
  6. RobertMM

    2021 build: Leef 3x18650 Halogen flashlight

    I bought some of those ubercheap G4 bulbs. Compared to the Philips I had on my only G4 light, theywere utter crap. Very yellow, some filaments broken, bent filament posts and so on.
  7. RobertMM

    What is beside your bed?

    Solarforce L600 with two 3500GA cells. 😊
  8. RobertMM

    Cleaning Inova 24/7

    I wash all rubber parts with soap and water too and after drying I rub a very thin coat of Nyogel synthetic grease to preserve the surface and keep it looking great.
  9. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    Found some 500mA 7.2V bulbs at evilbay, seller legantec24. Those should gove awesome runtimes for 2x18650 or 21700 without blackening as much as the small bipin bulbs.
  10. RobertMM

    What is the attraction of Incandescent?

    Agree, DayofReckoning. There are even 3.7V P60 type lamp assemblies for running the P, G and C series with single 16650 cells.
  11. RobertMM

    What is the attraction of Incandescent?

    Nice catch ampdude. I enjoy my incan lights a lot more than my LEDs, which for me are relegated to purely usage/tasks. My incans are task lights too of course, but a lot more fun to use. Incan lights, fountain pens, mechanical watches. Love them all.
  12. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    Love it. Fivemega never fails to impress. 😁
  13. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    Yes Sir I have the (relatively) newest Magnumstar bipin.I think that the small surface area inside the glass envelope compared to the older PR based bulbs is a factor on why it darkened that quickly. I mean for a given amount of filament particles, they can only adhere to a very small area...
  14. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    Thank you for your insights and tips DayofReckoning and Fivemega. Now I can't decide which one to try 😁 I ran my setup for 3 hours total, in 1 hour increments and when I was done the cells read 3.72Volts each, not bad. A major hiccup us that when I looked at the bulb, the glass envelope had...
  15. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    Well, I got my 3C Mag today. My 5000mAh cells were already charged in anticipation, and I dropped the 6 cell bipin bulb and was surprised to see that the cells, while technically not button top, made sufficient contact and the bulb fired right up. A bonus is that even if loose, the cells did not...
  16. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    I am excited to put it together and use it. :) It won't be just a toy, seeing that the runtime would make it good for practical usage. @Dayofreckoning, I remember someone posted here a link to Fivemega saying that the 6 cell Magnumstar bipin draws just 900-950mAh, so it makes sense the TAD...
  17. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    I probably would not be a fan as well, knowing that I would be underdriving the bulb. I would just opt for a lower amperage bulb and higher capacity cells. BTW since this is a thread for long runtime incans, I am happy that my 3C Mag has landed in my country and is in customs jail. I got...
  18. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    Hi Sir, may I ask why does it need to be in 15 minute intervals? Do the tailcap guts overheat? That HO1 0.8Amp bulb looks mighty fine. :) I may have to try that in an E2e someday.
  19. RobertMM

    Any such thing as a GOOD, low current PR2-base LED?

    So, the only long life PR base dropin is one made with a decent LED like the XPG2, but driven to only 50 lumens? I like the idea but no one seems to make one. The only make 200-300 lumen ones. :(
  20. RobertMM

    Long Runtime Incandescents

    Thank you Sir. I was wondering if resistance mods would shorten runtime a bit, since the allow the battery to put more current to the bulb? It seems if I want the longest possible runtime off the cells I use, I should leave the electrical paths as they are?

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