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    Has anyone hacked or changed a nitecore ui?

    Is there anyone who can change the user interface on a nitecore light? I bought the E4k thinking it would have the normal one button interface. But they changed it to the new one which requires a looong press to turn on, and not the normal shortcuts. Is it possible to re-write the ui programming?
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    I've had/have probably near 20 nitecore lights. I still have a half dozen D10/D11/D11.2/Ex11.2 piston drives. They are my favorite light ever, but definitely quirky. I had a cobra that I miss alot. A few I can't remember the models that were ho hum, boringly reliable. One tini that had a funky...
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    TINI 2 by Nitecore

    I use my tini2 a little differently. I used micro paracord with some marine heat shrink to make a necklace, and added a magnetic necklace clasp not to the cord, but between the cord and tini. I started out wearing it at night when in our new rv to find my way around in the dark, and to take the...
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    A Tribute to Nitecore D10

    Glad to see there is still some interest in my all time favorite light. I found a few in a drawer last week.. I need to get them out and see if they still work. I switched to an MH20 for work just because I like the extra everything, and easy charging. But no light feels so right in my hand, or...
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Olight. I1r, bought 1 for myself, then one for most of my friends. I made some necklaces from micro Paracord, my wife and I wear them when camping. Great for the 1am dog trips..
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    whats your profession and whats your light for it?

    I'm a commercial, industrial, and residential electrician. I use lights ALOT. Currently carrying a Nitecore mh20. Really works great, but still wish someone would make an infinity adjustable tail control (ala smart of, D10). Maybe someday...

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