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    flood reflector needed

    Hi I just bought used bargain price Fa-Mi SLIM9-HID30-110 One of the head has a flood reflector and gives a nice flood beam. Second one has a reflector that gives a tight beam with concentrated center, and is not good for filming, because center is overexposured. Is it possible to buy flood...
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    Video light project based on Sony HVL-80DA

    Hi guys I'm a absolute beginer. I read what You doing, and it's amazing. I have two video lights Sony HVL-80DA. My plan is make a powerfull video pack. I was thinking about HID and Led, decide to make a Led version (correct me if I select wrong way). Pictures below shows what i based on...
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    Problem witch Diving Cree SSC-P7-C-SXO 3-Mode 900-Lumen

    Hi I bought Diving Cree SSC-P7-C-SXO 3-Mode 900-Lumen LED Flashlight Kit (2*18650/4*CR123A/4*16340) Works fine until flooded, probably my fine, do not twist properly or shitty o-rings. Now when I want to turn on, there is only single flash. Is there any simple solution (replace part) to fix...

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