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    LD11 or D25A clicky?

    Presume then I could have it powder coated.
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    LD11 or D25A clicky?

    I own 3 and after reading that want a TI version.
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    tunnel exploration shoulder led car battery backpack recommendation

    +1 from me also,headlamps make more sense to me.
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    LD11 or D25A clicky?

    D25A I support as well.
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    Need help with new edc

    +1 on the D25A, will suit man very good.
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    Flashlight for inside dark house

    Mr Yo, Can you explain why you have three night table lights, when you wake do you decide to pick one?
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    Slim 1xAA light, preferably clicky?

    I have the D25A, very nice light and top quality holster, the UI is easy to learn plus the turbo is handy.
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    Pyrotechnician needs a bright flashlight

    That man Ven has a nice torch a thing called a Led Lenser 7.2,saving some of my money for it.
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    Flashlight for inside dark house

    I am new and wonder why you say 50 lumen is too much, looking at all the torch's on here 50 is not much, I put my torch on high to see when I get back from job
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    Need Recommendation for Illuminating a Volleyball Court

    It rains often in your country but I look good to see your torch pics. Easy to get job here.
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    Need Recommendation for Illuminating a Volleyball Court

    Builders tripod lamps are used in the UK for buildings where there is no power, you can charge them off your builders van.
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    keychain light for business promotion

    I know not much yet about lights but plenty about gifts as I use to sell to people like yourself. I have just been given the ideal light for your promotion. I spent over £50 with Flashaholics and was given a free key chain light with there name on it, it says XTAR on the back and is bright and...
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    Need my first light

    Thank you a man on another forum said ideal would be an Eagletac D25A click so I ordered one, I also bought a charger and packet of batteries.
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    Need my first light

    Found this place by accident, looks cool but totally overwhelming to me. I would like to buy my first decent Led torch. My only requirements are No more than 4 inches AA battery 120 lumens on high would be fine Would like a moon mode Prefer a click switch. Can spend up to £100. Thank you

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