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  1. kerneldrop

    HDS HDS SYSTEMS:mounting holes yes/no?

    That would make them users and take away from the artistry and beam shot photos
  2. kerneldrop

    My edc light has a max output of only 300 lumens

    Turbos on my truck Turbos on my lights You stop sending Lumens when the light turns blue. Until then you aren’t sending enough
  3. kerneldrop

    The Malkoff Front Porch

    It's too long when you bottom out both springs, dent the button tops, and still can't thread it. If you're committed to those batteries then you can shorten the springs.
  4. kerneldrop

    Malkoff M61 / M61N as Do-it-all lights

    Do you want more lumens or more runtime? You can't have both. One is twice as bright, one lasts twice as long. (Not exactly, but think of it like that) The XP-L emitter in the M91 handles more current than the SST20 emitter. I vote with @PoliceScannerMan I'll generally choose runtime. With...
  5. kerneldrop

    The Malkoff Front Porch

    It’s not a real light unless it burns holes in pockets and starts fires
  6. kerneldrop

    Malkoff mdc and keeppower 3v Rcr123a

    You can’t hurt the spring. It’s there to take up space before the driver and move current.
  7. kerneldrop

    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My! (II)

    Taziki sauce
  8. kerneldrop

    The Malkoff Front Porch

    The 91N is an XP-L 4000k… that emitter tint looks really nice.
  9. kerneldrop

    Flood Lens

    Surely he meant 5 just in his pocket?
  10. kerneldrop

    Malkoff M61 / M61N as Do-it-all lights

    I find that tint greatly influences rendering in high CRI emitters. I can take the same emitter — whether it’s a 219b, 519a, 351– in various cct and the color rendering will be different. A color chart shows the dramatic rendering differences the various tints produce. The OR lights around...
  11. kerneldrop

    Nikon User's here..?

    I'm waiting on his Sony mirrorless post with the new 70-200mm.
  12. kerneldrop

    Flood Lens

    I know where a complete Elzetta light is with that dropin (new in mint condition), or I'd probably sell you my dropin if you want it. It came with an Elzetta light that I bought. It's pretty much new.
  13. kerneldrop

    Flood Lens

    Haha. Of course. @thermal guy has 8 of those…he’ll sell you 1.
  14. kerneldrop

    Flood Lens

    You need one of these…
  15. kerneldrop

    Malkoff Picture Thread

    Those e bodies are perfect
  16. kerneldrop

    What will flashlights be like in 2030-2040

    They'll still be my current Malkoff lineup. hahaha
  17. kerneldrop

    Flood Lens

    The Elzetta flood lens might take up too much room. Diffuser paper worked for me. There's generally some at the big chain hardware stores.
  18. kerneldrop

    Any Leica's in here..?

    Dang look at that flexing
  19. kerneldrop

    Any Leica's in here..?

    The camera niche is like the flashlight niche times 1,000,000. You need a camera bag full of pro gear and you gotta take photos of your gear with your gear with props in the background. Then you gotta use lightroom and photoshop to enhance the photos taken with your pro gear. Then you have to...
  20. kerneldrop

    Any Leica's in here..?

    Have y’all seen some of Eric Curry’s photos using flashlights? His technique is awesome

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