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  1. FalconFX

    What kind of light do you want for Christmas?

    I wouldn't mind a Polarion Helios PH-50 showing up in an oversized gift box... 'Course, I'd be sleeping on the couch for the next couple years if one ever showed up... Being an LED, it's not out of reach that a Dereelight DBS will show up...
  2. FalconFX

    MC-E/P7 lights: full power from 1x18650?

    If you're gonna order from DX, go for the Aurora AK-P7-3 (SKU14212)... It's driven closer to peak. The one I gave my brother was driven at 2.62A according to my Fluke. It's not the 2.96A they listed, however I seriously doubt ANY P7 lights on DX are driven at 2.9A. It's brighter (and cheaper)...
  3. FalconFX

    MC-E/P7 lights: full power from 1x18650?

    From the one major site that has a ton of P7 and MC-Es, I've got two lights from there, one of them being an UltraFire WF-1200L with a P7, and it's grossly underdriven, probably on purpose. There's heat generated on high after about 15 mins, but nothing to worry about, as the 1200L I got was...
  4. FalconFX

    Fenix L2D Battery Rattle

    Personally, I would rather have a battery compartment a tad bigger than it needs to be, rather than small enough to exclude certain batteries. The rattle shouldn't be so bad that it's like having AAs in a D cell body. If anything, if a battery label just got scraped a little or is starting to...
  5. FalconFX

    only 1 light for the rest of your life...which one?

    If it's not limited to just LEDs, then I'd stick to my X990. Carryable, big but not overly, and just incredibly abundant light, both spill and focused. If it's LED limited, then I'd stick to my Fenix L2DP. Right amount of combination of light, runtime and size.
  6. FalconFX

    Hours of light for a kid?

    The old CMG Infinity regulars (not the Ultra) actually ran much longer, well over 100 hours on a Lithium AA. Those things were insane, just kept going until literally the battery is completely exhausted.
  7. FalconFX

    Hours of light for a kid?

    The Nite Ize LED dropin should work well for your kids. On a 2500mah NiMH, you can get well over 25 hours of good light from it. And since you mentioned you're not worried about brightness, it'll keep on with dim light at least 10 hours beyond that. I tried to kill a few AA alkalines that I...
  8. FalconFX

    TrustFire All-in-One Charger

    I have the same one you have, and it works fine for me. There has only been one instance for me where the charger wouldn't turn green for an 18650 battery. And when I tested it, it showed 4.08v. And it was in the charger for at least 6 hours. But beyond that one incident, all my other 18650s...
  9. FalconFX

    "Visible for up to 1 mile"....?

    So much of the ability to see the light depends on the amount of surrounding light pollution from other sources, that it's hard to tell. You can see a Photon keychain LED light from more than a mile away in total moonless darkness. That type of environmental surrounding would allow most light...
  10. FalconFX


    Can't wait... It'll be sweet once it's all said and done...
  11. FalconFX

    dieseldave is ok

    Dave, hope you get back up and continue with life again. Glad you're okay!
  12. FalconFX

    Sold/Expired LionHeart Pre-Order Now OPEN

    Muahaha! Thankfully, I was lucky enough to be redirected to Charlie's first post... Was so tempted to just PP straight off..
  13. FalconFX

    Sold/Expired LionHeart Pre-Order Now OPEN

    Paypal Sent for Full Kit LH!
  14. FalconFX

    Back from the past...

    Heh, I will. I'm now relegated to stalking Mr Bulk for another one of his creations...
  15. FalconFX

    Sold/Expired LionHeart Pre-Order Now OPEN

    Re: LionHeart Sign-Up List o.O... Need to sign me up for one of these guys Charlie... I don't think I can pass up this one. Will take one order from you on this. I'll be #287 on the list if I'm not mistaken. I'll reread all the Lionheart threads later tonight to see what I missed; just...
  16. FalconFX

    Back from the past...

    o.O I will have to check this out... Can always count on Charlie making my pockets lighter, lol.
  17. FalconFX

    Thor 10-Million Candle Power Spotlight ???

    Luminosity would mean absolutely nothing if it didn't have the reflector needed to concentrate its beam to match its claim, and unfortunately, with a reflector that small in size, there's no way it would be able to produce a 10 million CP point, certainly not to anything respectable like a...
  18. FalconFX

    Back from the past...

    Hey Guys, long time no see/hear/talk/post/inquire/blah... I missed anything juicy? New LSs? New Hyperlights? New technology that would make me take out a mortgage? I've been out of here for so long, I actually saved some money! Lol... J/K... But it's nice to drop by once in a while. Been busy...
  19. FalconFX

    R123a with charger !

    If this really is Lithium Ion, would be a big improvement and a welcome sight for feeding some of my regulated lights... A guiltlessly running McLux would be sweet.
  20. FalconFX


    Just use some common sense... In a light with a reflector that size, there needs to be a short arc bulb; and this, by no means, is even HID.

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