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  1. BlueBeam22

    Duracell DayLite Tough 4xAA 80 Lumen 3 Watt LED Spotlight REVIEW

    For submission in the Reviews forum: I recently received the Duracell Daylite LED spotlight as a gift from family and I am extremely pleased with it. Here are a few specifications about this light... Beam type: Wide, concentrated spot of light that is uniformly bright with little to no...
  2. BlueBeam22

    Brinkmann LED Rechargeable Spotlight/Lantern Introduction

    I just bought this light from Pep Boys Auto Parts for around $35. It is rechargeable and runs up to 3 hours on a full charge. It features a 3W Luxeon LED emitter, an incredibly large reflector, and a lantern light-up body. I am really impressed by it as it is an extreme thrower, and has a...
  3. BlueBeam22

    What is your longest/farthest throwing light?

    Mine is a 5MW green laser. It out throws even my large reflectored 35W HID spotlights. Just very curious to know what your absolute best thrower is; it can be any kind, form factor or size of light. This has nothing to do with brightness/overall output, just throw. Btw, if there has been a...
  4. BlueBeam22

    SunForce 25 Million Candlepower HID Rechargeable Spotlight

    I just bought the SunForce 25 Million Candlepower rechargeable HID spotlight, and I am totally shocked by it, as it out throws my AmondoTech Titanium Mega Illuminator/Costco HID! I would have never expected there to be a metal halide HID light that could possibly even equal the Mega Illuminator...
  5. BlueBeam22

    New Professional's Favorite 20 Million Plus Candlepower Spotlight

    I just bought this light from Advance Auto Parts. It is one of the most powerful spotlights I have ever held, and to my knowledge is very likely to be the new longest throwing Incandescent spotlight on the market. I am very pleased with it! This light uses a 12V 120W/60W H4 Halogen bulb, and a...
  6. BlueBeam22

    Short Review: X-Venture 1,000,000 CandlePower

    This thread NOT for submission in the reviews forum, but just a short review with my impressions on this light to familiarize members with it. :) I just bought the X-Venture 1,000,000 candlepower rechargeable halogen spotlight (Advertised as "up to 1,000,000 Candlepower") from Wal-Mart. I am...
  7. BlueBeam22

    Show your single longest throwing LED

    As the title says, post pictures of your single longest throwing LED light. It can be any form factor. Here is mine, the Dorcy K2 Luxeon 4C LED Spotlight:
  8. BlueBeam22

    Happy Birthday BVH

    Happy Birthday BVH! Hope you are having a great birthday!
  9. BlueBeam22

    Your Top 5 Lights

    What are your top 5 favorite lights in your collection? Please feel free to explain what you like about them, and also feel free to just list them.:) For me currently: 1. AmondoTech Titanium Mega Illuminator 2. Wicked Lasers CORE 3. Stanley 5 watt rechargeable LED spotlight 4. Dorcy 6 watt...
  10. BlueBeam22

    NEW Black&Decker V2 Million Power Series spotlight

    I just bought what seems to be the newest model of the Black&Decker V2 Million Power Series rechargeable spotlight (from Home Depot), and I am extremely impressed by it. It uses a 12V SLA battery and a 35W/55W dual filament H3 halogen bulb with a sliding switch on top to toggle between high beam...
  11. BlueBeam22

    Happy Birthday Greta

    Happy Birthday Greta!:party:
  12. BlueBeam22

    Brinkmann LED Halogen 1 Million Candlepower Spotlight

    My first impressions of the Brinkmann LED Halogen Spotlight from Wal-Mart: I am extremely impressed by this light. It has a very smooth beam on halogen mode and really amazing throw for such a miniature reflector. It is a lot brighter than I expected for an incandescent spotlight of its size...
  13. BlueBeam22

    Husky 3 watt LED Spotlight

    Here are my first impressions of the Husky 3 watt rechargeable LED spotlight from Home Depot. I am really amazed by this light! It out throws the Husky 2D 4 watt by a large amount, and has a much brighter and tighter spot. The reason why is because the Husky LED Spotlight has a much larger and...
  14. BlueBeam22

    First Impressions: AmondoTech Titanium Mega Illuminator

    I recently bought the AmondoTech Titanium Mega Illuminator from Battery Junction. It is truly an amazing light and out throws my Professional's Favorite 17.5 million candlepower by a large margin. The Mega Illuminator throws much farther than the Thor 15mcp and blows away the POB in all ways...
  15. BlueBeam22

    My simple spotlight modification story

    First, let me preface this by stating that I own the Brinkmann Max Million II rechargeable spotlight, the Brinkmann Qbeam Big Max 3 million MaxPower rechargeable spotlight, the Brinkmann Max Million III 3 million candlepower plug-in spotlight, and the Max Million III 3 million MaxPower plug-in...
  16. BlueBeam22

    What an incredible thrower! (Dorcy Industrial Rechargeable Xenon Lantern)

    I just bought an amazing light that has me in awe! It is the Dorcy Industrial Rechargeable Xenon Lantern, which is is a yellow lantern style spotlight (it does not advertise as being a spotlight so that is why I felt it was best to post this here:)), which is a little bigger than a 6 volt...
  17. BlueBeam22

    Brinkmann 2D 3 watt dimmable CREE

    I just bought the "Brinkmann 3 watt Digital 2D LED flashlight", and I am extremely impressed! This light takes 2D batteries, and has 4 brightness settings, ranging from very dim to being brighter than my 150 lumen Task Force 2C CREE. It also has a battery status indicator. I believe it has a...
  18. BlueBeam22

    Looking to improve the output of my Task Force

    I own the 150 lumen 2C Task Force CREE from Lowes, and I want it to be brighter with more throw. My question is: Its barrel will accommodate 8 AAA batteries, and I was wondering since this will drive the emitter at a much higher voltage, will this make it a lot brighter, or will this burn it...
  19. BlueBeam22

    Which one of these lights would you want?

    If you could have just one of these lights for free, which one would you choose? These lights are commonly discussed here on CPF so I was very curious as to how you feel about them and which one you would want. If you own one or more of them feel free to post how you like them.:grin2:
  20. BlueBeam22

    N30 First Impressions

    I just bought the AmondoTech Titanium N30 Compact HID Searchlight from Battery Junction on recommendation of Patriot36. First of all, I am more blown away by it then I have ever been before by ANY light. It is so much smaller and lighter weight than my Power On Board HID, yet its hotspot is...

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