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    Surefire G3 upgrades

    just ordered the McClicky tailcap. I found another CR123 light in my junk drawer that I put new batteries in and put it in my car with spare batteries. I find that if I spend a little more money on my tools, I will make more effort that they get put back in their proper storage location. I...
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    Surefire G3 upgrades

    Thanks for the information. I hadn't realized the cost of the batteries were more reasonable now. I think the CR123's will work better in my truck if I keep a supply with the light. I think I will try the M61L with the standard 123 batteries. I ordered 12 Tenergy batteries from Amazon but...
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    Surefire G3 upgrades

    My first post and I enjoy reading about flashlights and having them. I have bought parts for a flashlight and put it together and I have also purchased a light that was recommended on this forum. I have a collection of 18650 headlights for mowing at night with a charger that was recommended...

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