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    Petzl Adapt System

    Are any of you guys using the new "Adapt System" with your Petzl lights? Also, I like the all black body of the Tac Tikka XP (Adapt System included), is the Tikka XP also available in all black? Thanks
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    Another Headlamp

    I was on the Petzl site last night and I like the Tactika XP. What color tint have you guys noticed from the Tactika XP? How weather resistant is this light? Can it take a good dunking? I know the Zebralight is not on the market yet, but I was wondering if any of you guys have field tested the...
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    Another Headlamp

    What's the difference between the "Made in China" and the "Made in the USA" model? Thanks.
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    Another Headlamp

    I was looking at the PT Quad Tactical on Do you have one?
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    Another Headlamp

    fishx65, do you have any pics with the flip down diffuser? Thanks
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    Another Headlamp

    Hey guys, can you please help me out? I'm looking for a headlamp for hurricane season, power outages, kayaking/canoeing, fishing, auto, and home repairs. I would like to find a headlamp with these features: * flawless flood pattern (WHITE) * waterproof preferred * regulated * low battery...
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    PT Quad

    Hey guys, I just picked up a PT Quad because it has the features that I've been looking for in a headlamp (flood pattern, regulated, waterproof, low battery indicator, great price, etc.), but I was not very happy with the bluish color:thumbsdow from the LED(s) and the annoying lines around the...

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