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    ❗-20% OFF WIZARD C2 PRO❗ Celebrate this year international day of light with Armytek and make this day even brighter! ❗SAVE YOUR BUDGET❗ Apply DL20 coupon while ordering the legendary WIZARD C2 PRO and get 20% off. The coupon is valid today from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Hurry up! ✔️ MAKE A CORRECT...
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    😱 SPECIAL OFFER FOR WIZARD SERIES FLASHLIGHT! 😱 COMING SOON! ✔️ You'll have 4 hours on May 16 . ✔️ A secret coupon. ✔️ As well as chance to grab a legendary flashlight at a reduced cost. 🔥Stay tuned to buy your WIZARD. This Monday at 6 p.m. we'll share all the details.
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    Spring Sale at Armytek is on!

    ❗UP TO 20% OFF THE FLASHLIGHTS WITH RED LIGHT❗ Apply RL coupon and save 20% while ordering multi flashlights and 15% while buying compact multi flashlights. THE SALE COVERS ALL THE FLASHLIGHTS WITH RED LIGHT : → Multitasking WIZARD C2 WR. → Compact multi flashlights CRYSTAL and ZIPPY ES WR. →...
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    Easter is coming to Armytek!

    GRAB YOUR GIFT FROM ARMYTEK'S EASTER BUNNY! 🐰 ☀️Great Easter Holiday is almost here! This Sunday, everyone's home will be filled with happiness, warmth and mind-blowing light. And right now Armytek team is ready to multiply it! GET YOUR EASTER GIFT! 🎁 Place an order for more than $80 and we'll...
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    Fill your Armytek cart to the top! It's been a year since we made the first and brilliant release of 2021. Are you ready for the sale in honor of the day? Here we go! Apply coupon NEW while ordering the models below and buy them with 20% OFF: → Classic WIZARD C2. → Compact WIZARD C1 of Pro...
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    St Patrick's Day is coming to Armytek!

    🍀 HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY 🍀 25% OFF MULTI FLASHLIGHTS! ❗ Apply HARP25 coupon while placing an order for your favorite multi flashlight and buy it with 25% discount. 🔦 MAKE A CHOICE: • Wizard C2 Pro Max with 4000 lumens brightness. • Wizard C2 Pro Nichia with most natural color reproduction. •...
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    WE ARE RUNNING BIG SALE — FROM 30% TO 50% OFF! TOP-3 the most demanded flashlights of the promotion! Hunters, fishermen, car service specialists, security officers and expedition members have already added these models to their arsenal. Hurry to decide the greatest flashlight for you at a...
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    Big Sale is officially open!

    Hello guys! We have updated the description by adding the links to the sale on our websites in Europe. Kind regards Armytek
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    Big Sale is officially open!

    BIG SALE THE PRICES ARE DROPPED UP TO 50% OFF The flashlights of the sale left a bright trace in Armytek history: the models from Dobermann, Prime, Partner, Wizard and Tiara series. BIG SALE covered the hottest examples of: - High-quality light. - Easy operation. - Multifunctionality. ARMYTEK...
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    Christmas is coming to Armytek

    💥 22% OFF WIZARD C2 PRO WITH SANTA'S COUPON! CHRISTMAS IS COMING. It's the most wonderful time of the year and a great chance to treat yourself. ❗ Use WINTER coupon while placing an order for the legendary flashlight and make the most beneficial order of this year. DREAMS COME TRUE WITH WIZARD...
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    Cyber Monday is here!!!

    🔥 CYBER MONDAY HOT DEALS! UP TO 50% OFF the new and classic models! → It's the final chance to treat yourself with high-tech flashlights and do some profitable shopping. How does it work? ❗Use LIGHT promo code while placing an order and get the new price for the desired flashlight. → The...
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    Black Friday is officially open!

    BLACK FRIDAY. BIG SAVINGS. NO WAITING Here come the deals you've been waiting for! → 31% OFF the hottest new multi flashlights and best-selling models for hunting: Wizard C2 Pro Max, Wizard C2 Pro, Wizard C2 WUV and Barracuda, Predator, Viking, Dobermann. → 41% OFF the classic models from...
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    Secret Black Friday Sale is officially open!

    Welcome to a special sale where Armytek gifts discounts up to 55%. The flashlights for hunting, fishing, cycling, outdoor activities and hobbies at the lowest-ever price. → 55% OFF Tiara, Partner and Prime flashlights without magnetic charger. → 40% OFF multi flashlights, EDC, searchlights...
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    Halloween at Armytek: last chance to get the most popular flashlight for the beneficial price!!

    Meet Halloween with Armytek! The night full of mystery and riddles, terrifying creatures and ghosts will come today. Everyone will face its power but only the strongest men will be able to stand up to it. Are you guys ready for this year's Halloween? 30% off on the most popular flashlight is...
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    Halloween at Armytek!!

    Let’s get ready for Halloween! The most terrifying and frightening October night is coming soon! Are you scared? Then arm yourself with Armytek bright light! 30% off on a legendary Wizard C2 Pro! You have exactly 4 hours to pick up your Wizard C2 Pro at a terribly beneficial price. Place an...
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    Halloween is coming to Armytek!

    Halloween is coming soon. Any ideas what does it mean? This very day last year we presented the legendary Wizard C2 Pro — the most popular multi flashlight in Armytek range. Once you've worked with Wizard C2 Pro, you'll never want to part with it. → Excellent multitasking: opportunity to use...
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    Armytek Dobermann Pro Magnet USB & Predator Pro Magnet USB are available NOW!

    Hello! If you have a problem with your flashlight, you can just email to [email protected] and our manager will assist you.
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    Armytek Dobermann Pro Magnet USB & Predator Pro Magnet USB are available NOW!

    Predator Pro Magnet USB is v3.5 Dobermann Pro Magnet USB is v1.5
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    Meet Viking Pro Magnet USB

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    Meet Viking Pro Magnet USB

    Hello! Yes, I was just expecting to hear our customers' opinion:) So, Viking Pro always had a drop in lumens, we didn't mention it in manuals for old version. We only started doing this recently. Speaking about the brightness. Viking Pro Magnet USB reaches 2200 lm while Viking Pro v3 reaches...

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