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    Surefire Intellibeam technology -- anyone has experience with it?

    I just saw some new Surefire flashlights advertised to have "Intellibeam" technology. Surefire says it uses sensor and processor technology to "continuously evaluate(s) your environment and seamlessly adjust(s) the output ... faster than your eyes can detect, to deliver the optimal amount of...
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    Anyone else gathering necessities (food, water, etc.)?

    This is national preparedness month and I've been stocking supplies. Think food, water, batteries, etc. I guess it's coincidental that the national preparedness month happens when we have a big Ebola outbreak, various wars, and who knows what else. There is even an asteroid passing "near" Earth...
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    POLL -- How many ACTIVE flashlight HOSTS with modded drop-ins do you currently have?

    Some people have started counting how many Malkoff drop-ins they have in their Surefire compatible hosts. I've been thinking for a while it would be interesting to see how many ACTIVE hosts people have, though not just Surefire with Malkoff drop-ins. So the question is, how many modded hosts...
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    Using the XPE-2 in a McGizmo creation -- even in the Ti PD-S !?

    I've been looking at the XPE-2 recent LED by CREE. On paper it looks pretty good, with decent luminous flux, thermal, and color characteristics. In fact you can get most color variations from high CRI to neutral white to cool white. The cool white doesn't even sacrifice all that much in lumens...
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    The new OSTS Nightmaster (in white, green, red, and soon infrared versions)

    I saw reference to this new offering in a completely different topic in another thread and sub-forum, and was surprised there is no dedicated thread here. So let me start with a question, which LEDs are being used in the white, green, and red versions of this flashlight? Second question, what...
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    Things you really want that you will probably never have...

    So it happens that we come across something that catches our imagination so much we really, really want to have it. Often, this happens very quickly--the moment we see this item (whatever it might be) we have this feeling we are immediately in sync with it, it speaks to us, we understand it, its...
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    Sold/Expired Interested T/B Surefire C head (6P etc) but 2xC battery tube, for NiMH rechargeables

    Folks, I know there used to be such a product offered, though in a longer-than-NiMH C-battery version to cover Li-Ions. Also I know it has not been offered for several years. I would be interested in the Surefire "lego" type to use with 2xC batteries, in length appropriate for NiMH. Also...
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    Is it OK to mix a 18650 together with a R123A (16340)?

    I get a feeling the answer might be NO but I just wanted to check if anyone has tried this or can made a good guess as to the correct answer! The reason I'm asking: Some drop-ins can handle the 2xLi-Ion voltage but not the 3xLi-Ion voltage. So if you use a 2x18500 battery tube (9P Surefire...
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    Unusually large full moon ("solstice moon") to be visible tonight

    Supposedly it will be an impressive illusion, due to the confluence of factors: full moon and solstice. The effect is biggest when the moon is near the horizon. It should be coming out a bit before 9 pm (NY/EST). Hope these clouds clear up!
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    YASAPO - Yet Another Story About Power Outages

    So with the bad weather coming and going around here, we got a series of power outages over several days. So it was a good test of my flashlight and battery collection! Here is how it went down: --The M60LL Malkoff 6P drop-ins (for which I use the cheap Cebela's XPG clone as a host) were...
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    Surefire Optimus and Invictus

    So with the 2008 catalog here and downloadable, we can find out what these two new SF lights are all about. The names strongly remind me of the Transformers, and I guess this can be the idea--flexibility. Optimus: 11 settings, from 2 lumens up to 200, the last available in one push of the...
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    Quick q.: has anyone tried an 18650 with a Fenix T1?

    Just wondering what might happen. Thanks!
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    New lights and innovations coming out - 2008 SHOT Show

    Inova - INOVA® is introducing the K-Series, its new military line of LED flashlights. The K-Series comes in a white light model, or with multi-colored LEDs including IR and offers features such as patented integrated grooves to attach to a variety of mounting systems including MIL-STD 1913...
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    Those evanescent, ephemeral, etherial Eneloops

    Boy, it's been getting really hard to find Eneloops (the AA's). Ritz Camera, Costco, hhgregg came up short. Fry's is not available everywhere (and on their website they had not the best prices). Circuit City had sales, but no store I was able to visit had them (even one that was listed as...
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    Paypal 20% cash back holiday special

    Just noticed the 20% Paypal cash back special, starting today and ending by December 10 or whenever participating merchants say they do (which could be earlier--Newegg for example says theirs ends already on November 28!). Here is a link for the offer - you can see which merchants participate...
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    Fenix L0D Rebel - will it come out with the Rebel 100?

    does anyone know if the Fenix L0D which is now on pre-order with the new Rebel 80, might soon come out with the Rebel 100? The other lights in the Fenix LxD and PxD lines are coming out with baseline Rebel 80 editions, but also premium editions with the Rebel 100's. thanks!
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    back from much travel, learning about flashlights anew and thinking about the past

    Hello fellow flashaholics! I've been out of commission for a while due to much work and especially travel, both here in the US and abroad. So I'm now busy catching up with the world of flashlights and seeing what's new. On the other hand, I got a good chance to use my flashlights under...
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    is the atomic clock off by 1 hr now because of the early time change?

    I have a hand watch that checks the signal from the atomic clock in Colorado every night and re-sets itself if it is off. For some reason, it couldn't get the signal for a couple of nights around the early change of clocks to the summertime schedule. So I manually put the time 1 hr ahead...
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    any news on the 2xAA tubes for the L1D CE?

    Come on, someone, somewhere, must know something! They were supposed to be coming out at about mid-March (ooohhhhh...the Ides of March!), which is a couple of days from today. The dealers at least must have advanced knowledge of this, by a few days at least! Tell, tell!
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    Lunar Eclipse here in Tenerife

    Lunar eclipse tonight, 5:45 EST, reddish light expected! Full lunar eclipse tonight, starting 5:45 eastern standard time and lasting for about 1 hr. Supposedly because the sun's rays will still be reaching the moon after being reflected from the Earth's atmosphere, we will get an interesting...

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