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    Standardizing Beamshots on CPF

    It is actually possible to have standardized beam shots to some extent as long as a few parameters are kept same. Example 1) The White Wall - Should be as white as possible :D 2) Distance of flashlight from the White Wall - 1 Meter (Like the known norm to take Lux @ 1 M) 3) Camera Settings (does...
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    best utility AAA

    For $15 Fenix E01 is irresistible.. consider 10 hours regulated run time and a GS LED Recent Arc GS has quality issues. Original Arc's were the Best... Peak are good, but flat regulation is not there. Empath is correct.... this has every chance of becoming a Arc Vs Fenix vs Peak.... sadly...
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    Will I ever have enough lights ??

    As long as LED Tech keeps on improving, you will 'need' more and more lights. Once the LED's mature, the fate of lights will be similar to what is happening to incan lights today. And LED's aren't going to mature in a short while... :D
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    Is the new Fenix TK10 a "preconception buster" ?

    Here are a few Sources Source 1 Source 2 ;)
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    Is the new Fenix TK10 a "preconception buster" ?

    +1, just consider the high quality of iPhone, iPods and the latest Mac's these are all made in China and today, we have reached a stage that Apple has 14 % US market share in Personal computers, believe it or not. Same is happening with Fenix, JETBeam and many other flashlight manufacturers...
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    Favorite Light of 2007

    Thanks :) I think finding most popular threads/light of interests without a specific poll is doable at least to some extent with a custom search by choosing "Find Posts from" - A Year ago & Newer with "Search in Forum(s)" set to Flashlight Reviews and Keyword as "Review". But since the Search...
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    Favorite Light of 2007

    I personally Use NovaTac EDC 120 P, LRI Photon Freedom, Fenix P1 Q2, Fenix L1P CE Almost on a Daily Basis.... I also occasionally use Orb Wee, LiteFlux & JetBeam C-LE According to my Site Stats Here is the list of Top Ten flashlights of 2007
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    Light to compliment my friend's new Audi?

    Zebra Light 1AA with Lithium ... Small & Light
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    Flashlight recommendation for Daughter...

    One light would not be sufficient. 1) A Photon Freedom with a CR2032 battery (for extra long runtime and low enough output) on Key chain 2) Arc AAA DS with Lithium AAA either on key chain or on mobile pouch 3) Fenix L2D CE Q5 + L1D Tube with Clickey switch (she has an option to use either a 2 AA...
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    How important is it that the lights you buy meets sfty/environ regs in your country?

    No ...Please don't worry. I think I would be out of this thread now ;)
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    How important is it that the lights you buy meets sfty/environ regs in your country?

    And what about NiCd batteries... RoHS isn't just Lead :p ... how many of NiCd batteries are being recycled 'properly' ;) Mercury, Cd are also equally dangerous... and not to forget our modders... those who buy solder wire.... that also contains Lead :D I understand we should be concerned. But...
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    How important is it that the lights you buy meets sfty/environ regs in your country?

    why don't they ban SLA Batteries... it contains a load of amount of LEAD ... not only that.. but virtually EACH and EVERY car has Lead Battery.... why dont they ban cars? :nana: Imagine Cars full of Lead Batteries are dumped in open ground... wont it harm? How many of us dispose Lead batteries...
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    The Surefire Titan.....outdated?

    the lumen figures are not always outfront of the bezel, some times they are bulb lumens / LED manufacturer stated lumens. Surefire usually states Lumens outfront.... so 80 lumens may seem low, but if you consider it being a CR2 based flashlight, the LED lumens may be 120 or so.... there are...
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    Chinese Lights - Thoughts / Feelings?

    :laughing: :crackup::crackup::crackup::poof:down goes one on this one.....:sigh: your intentions may be noble... but ....May I humbly suggest to start this thread underground..... it's been countless occasions such threads have gone the wrong direction and ultimately end up in US VS China...
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    Thank you CPF!

    Greatly put :thumbsup:
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    what is your WIFE'S edc light??

    My Better Half carries and uses Peak LED Solutions 1 AAA (High Power, 3 LED) HA III Pocket Matterhorn (in Purse) and Peak LED Solutions 1 CR123 (High Power, 7 LED) HA III Pocket McKinley (in Purse) .... She likes them because Women are behind building these lights! She has high respect for Robyn...
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    The Perfect Flashlight

    that's nice to know.... so now Mag Lite 3D LED makes a near perfect light for Mandog as most of the requirements are met. It's a no frills, totally functional and a quality product. Especially at the cost that it is being offered. Perhaps this is what makes MagLite most successful light on...
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    The Perfect Flashlight

    I guess So ... Mag Lite 3D LED 1) Run on standard batteries D Size Cells 2) Be unbreakable Yes 3) Have a rear or neck mounted "clicky" Neck Mounted Clickey 4) Have a runtime of at least 24 hours per battery Yes, Almost 5) Have no funky designs/swirls/lines/indents Yes 6) Be extremely bright...
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    The Perfect Flashlight

    MAG Lite 3D or 2D LED sounds more like it.
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    Boy am I in trouble

    :laughing::poke::nana::duh2::huh: what trouble? I dont find any trouble in this? .... in fact it's a Good Start Doctor ... There is one medicine to Cure this... it's Rx. Flashahol 5000 mg... 1-1-1 BD ... after food or before food does not matter... overdosing is NOT considered as harmful :)...

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